The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1119 - Shameless King (1)

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Chapter 1119: Shameless King (1)

Fu Xiang Emperor’s heart stopped for a moment and before he could react, Ji Fengyan had already taken a move!

With a wisp of vital energy shooting out from her palm towards the Fu Xiang Emperor’s neck, the Fu Xiang Emperor did not even have a chance to retaliate before he felt an overbearing strength wrapped around his throat and lifted his seven foot tall body into the air. The extreme feeling of oppression from his neck made him feel as though his neck would break the next instant. Instantly, his face turned purplish as he tried futilely to unclasp the strength that was choking him.

Ruan Quer, who was at the side, fell to the ground with trembling legs after seeing the eerie sight before her. Her beautifully done make-up could not hide her sheet white face, and her seductive gaze only had extreme panic and fear remaining.

“It’s really strange. Wasn’t it rumoured outside that the Fu Xiang Emperor was heavily poisoned? How is it that I could not tell any signs of poison from your body?” Ji Fengyan tilted her head and narrowed her eyes, as she looked at the Fu Xiang Emperor who was in midair with a leisurely look. Her gaze did not look like she was looking at an emperor, instead it seemed more like she was looking at a wild dog that was struggling in its death.

Fu Xiang Emperor struggled with all his limbs flailing around, and his legs could only dangle helplessly in the air.

This sight had already left Ruan Quer, who had until now been living in comfort, scared out of her wits. Her entire body shook like a frightened quail, and she sat in the cold palace with her eyes filled with fear.

At this moment, Ji Fengyan’s gaze suddenly turned to Ruan Quer.

“Imperial Concubine?”

After being called out by Ji Fengyan’s seemingly laughing voice, Ruan Quer felt an even freezing sensation throughout her body. She hugged her arms in fear and looked at Ji Fengyan. Her red lips were still quivering in fear.

“Can you tell me what had exactly happened? Don’t tell me… this Fu Xiang Emperor is a dupe?”

Ruan Quer almost cried out loud. She had never thought that she would be frightened from such a simple question. “No… it’s not… He is the Fu Xiang Emperor… He is really…”

“Oh?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly and her lips curled into a slight grin. “But why do I not believe that? I think that if I kill this dupe, the Kingdom of Fu Xiang would be extremely grateful towards me, right?”

As she said that, Ji Fengyan transmitted more vital energy to the Fu Xiang Emperor’s neck, and his face instantly changed from red to purple. His eyes turned bloodshot, as though he could die any moment.

Ruan Quer was really terrified. She could not believe that there would be such a fearsome young girl in the world. “He is real! You cannot kill him! He is really the emperor of Fu Xiang. He was not poisoned, he had never been…”

Ji Fengyan’s eyes flashed with an understanding but her face did not change at all.

Ruan Quer was completely petrified. Without Ji Fengyan asking further, she spilled everything she knew to prove the Fu Xiang Emperor’s identity, so that Ji Fengyan might take into consideration and not kill him.

Ruan Quer was the princess from a neighbouring kingdom. Everyone thought that she had only known the Fu Xiang Emperor after she was sent to the Kingdom of Fu Xiang.

But in fact, when the Fu Xiang Emperor visited the neighbouring kingdom, he had already met Ruan Quer. At that time, he was already enchanted by her beauty.

Except that the Fu Xiang Emperor never expressed it. Only during the night then did he meet up secretly with Ruan Quer. It was at that time when he impregnated her.