The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1118 - Come Chat With Me About Life (4)

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Chapter 1118: Come Chat With Me About Life (4)

Ruan Quer was stunned, but she quickly understood the situation before her and chose to keep silent.

Ji Fengyan propped her chin on one hand and cast an ironic eye on the Fu Xiang Emperor.

“There’s no need to welcome me in that way, but I do have something to speak with you today.”

The Fu Xiang Emperor’s expression remained unchanged, but his palms had broken out in cold sweat.

He had just received news that the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had already begun its attack on the Free Valley. By right, Ji Fengyan should be engaged with the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon in a bitter war now. However, she had suddenly appeared by herself at the Fu Xiang palace. This bizarre turn of events intensified the uneasy feeling that the Fu Xiang Emperor had felt.

Nevertheless, the Fu Xiang Emperor dared not show any sign of his puzzlement. He did not know Ji Fengyan’s reason for coming here and had to be very careful about his next move.

After all, the person before him was a mass murderess who even dared to kill the Eldest Princess of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. It was entirely possible for her to chop off his head in a fit of anger.

At this point, the Fu Xiang Emperor could only behave meekly and secretly pray that Ji Fengyan had yet to discover that Fu Xiang was behind the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s attack.

“I wonder what the queen wishes to discuss? I am all ears.” The Fu Xiang Emperor struggled to maintain his calm facade.

Ji Fengyan smiled as she observed the Fu Xiang Emperor’s reaction.

“The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon launched a military attack at Hua Xia today. I wonder if you knew of that?”

“I have received news of that, but… the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon is so much more powerful than us and we have had no dealings with them. We are not too well-informed of their matters,” The Fu Xiang Emperor replied in all seriousness.

Ji Fengyan chuckled. “Powerful… debatable. But Hua Xia and Fu Xiang are near each other and can be considered as neighbors—if Hua Xia meets with any trouble, I wonder if Fu Xiang is willing to lend us a hand?”

The Fu Xiang Emperor couldn’t help being stunned by Ji Fengyan’s words.

Ji Fengyan actually wanted Fu Xiang to send troops to help them defend against the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon?

Had she gone mad?

Apart from the fact that Fu Xiang had previously attacked Hua Xia twice—which nation would be willing to risk making an enemy of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon for no good reason?

The Fu Xiang Emperor couldn’t comprehend what exactly Ji Fengyan was planning. Unless she had really gone mad, she should have known how laughable her request was.

“Queen, your request… is asking too much of us. Fu Xiang is a small kingdom—how would we dare to go against the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon?” The Fu Xiang Emperor carefully replied.

Ji Fengyan gave a faint smile. “That’s right. You don’t dare to touch the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, but you are quite good at making use of them for your own means.”

The Fu Xiang Emperor’s face instantly changed.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes, as a chilly glint surfaced in her pupils.

“Trying to make use of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon to exterminate me. You are not stupid, but how could you be sure that the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had the capabilities to take me down?”

Every one of Ji Fengyan’s words was like a strike to the Fu Xiang Emperor’s heart. The unease he felt had risen to a peak. Nevertheless, he forced himself to remain composed. “What does the queen mean? I don’t understand.”

“Don’t understand?” Ji Fengyan sneered. “It doesn’t matter whether you understand. I don’t mind. I am just here today to settle some scores with you.”