The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1116 - Come Chat With Me About Life (2)

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Chapter 1116: Come Chat With Me About Life (2)

“Bad premonition?” Ruan Quer laughed lightly. She spanked the Fu Xiang Emperor’s shoulder playfully. “It worries your Majesty that the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon will discover that it was us who spread the intelligence?”

The Fu Xiang Emperor shook his head.

“It’s not important whether the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon discovers that. Their goal is Ji Fengyan. If they exterminate her, even if they found out we were behind it, we could still keep out of harm’s way.”

Ruan Quer couldn’t help but feel rather curious. “Then what is Your Majesty worried about?”

The Fu Xiang Emperor remained silent for a moment before saying hesitantly, “I am not sure. I just feel that it would not be so simple for the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon to handle Hua Xia.”

Ruan Quer was slightly stunned. She said, “Your Majesty, don’t scare yourself. The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon has mobilized 800,000 men. They activated over 200 Terminators and ten siege towers. Even if Hua Xia was not a newly established nation, any small kingdom could not withstand such a mighty attack. Your Majesty should just relax and wait for the good news. As powerful as Ji Fengyan is, didn’t she escape from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon with her tail between her legs? If she was really so formidable, would she have had to flee to the Free Valley?”

The Fu Xiang Emperor still looked rather distressed. However, Ruan Quer’s words had a certain logic to it. He took a deep breath and sat down on his throne with her.

But the moment the Fu Xiang Emperor’s butt made contact with the throne, a sky-breaching dragon’s howl reverberated across the air.

The Fu Xiang Emperor jumped up from his throne in fright at that dragon’s howl.

In the next second, a flustered guard sprinted into the grand hall.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Outside… outside!” That guard was totally pale and pointed a shaking finger to the outside of the grand hall. His voice trembled so much that no one could understand his words.

“What the hell happened?” The Fu Xiang Emperor’s uneasiness had reached a peak. He leaped towards the guard to interrogate him.

Before the guard could clarify himself, a huge black shadow appeared outside the entrance to the grand hall!

It was a massive dragon head. Gold scales covered that head, as a pair of ferocious dragon eyes surveyed the inside of the grand hall.

The Fu Xiang Emperor was rooted to the ground the moment he saw that colossal dragon head. His blood froze, while Ruan Quer gave an involuntary gasp and collapsed weak-kneed on the floor.

“Ancient… ancient dragon?!” The Fu Xiang Emperor’s voice had risen to a strange pitch. He couldn’t believe that he could actually see a genuine living ancient dragon in his lifetime!

How could this ancient dragon—which had only appeared in the legends—be right here in the Fu Xiang palace!

The Fu Xiang Emperor was shocked out of his wits by the dragon before him. It lowered its massive head and a slender figure hopped off.

A delicate-looking young girl appeared in front of the Fu Xiang Emperor and Ruan Quer.

The hairs on the Fu Xiang Emperor all stood straight up when he recognized that girl.

“Ji Fengyan!!”