The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1114 - A Captive Should Act Like One (2)

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Chapter 1114: A Captive Should Act Like One (2)

The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had lost, but whether or not the Wolf Smoke Regiment was biased, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon would take no chances. The Wolf Smoke Regiment would be killed, since it was related to Ji Fengyan.

Lu Shaoqing had long been aware of this, but… they had no choice but to return.

Their families were all in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, and that was the bargaining chip that the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon used to suppress them. Should the Wolf Smoke Regiment really think of rebelling one day, not only they, but all their family members would be tragically slaughtered.

In truth, the Wolf Smoke Regiment’s position allowed them to see the entire battlefield.

Hu Na’s disregard for the lives of his soldiers had chilled all the men in the Wolf Smoke Regiment. They had also heard many rumors about Hu Na in talking to the Blaze Army veterans earlier.

After Hu Na had taken command of Blaze Army, he had won many victories. Others might think that he was always victorious, but were unaware that he had exchanged the lives of many Blaze Army veterans to achieve these victories.

Initially, when the battle of the three army alliance had ended, Blaze Army still had around 100,000 veterans left. However, after Hu Na had taken over, in a series of three campaigns, Hu Na had forced the nearly 100,000 veterans to fight until there were only 30,000 left…

In the current Blaze Army, there remained only a few thousand veterans that had been Yang Shun’s subordinates. The other two hundred over thousand Blaze Army soldiers were all later added on by the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon to make up the numbers.

The Emperor was well aware of Hu Na’s disregard for the lives of his soldiers. Nonetheless, he continued to rely heavily on Hu Na. In this battle, he had accepted that Hu Na would be the commander-in-chief. This has directly led to a few hundred thousand soldiers being mercilessly sacrificed when they fought the giant soldier gods.

Hu Na’s various cold-blooded acts had long shocked Lu Shaoqing. Further, the Emperor condoning Hu Na’s actions had also caused Lu Shaoqing to turn cold towards the country that he had been previously loyal towards.

They enlisted in the army to protect their country. Not for anyone, or to strive for any military achievements.

But now that they saw everything clearly, the Wolf Smoke Regiment had no means of retreat.

Gong Zhiyu’s gaze swept across everyone’s face in the Wolf Smoke Regiment. He could see hopelessness and resignation in the face of death written on every face.

If a monarch wants his minister to die, the minister has no choice but to die.

A cold-blooded and overly suspicious monarch had driven them to utter despair.

“In that case… if we can bring your families to the Kingdom of Hua Xia, will you consider remaining here?” Gong Zhiyu took a deep breath, and suddenly threw out a stunning suggestion.

“What?” Even the normally calm Lu Shaoqing was dumbstruck when he heard Gong Zhiyu’s words.

“That was what your general asked me to tell you. As long as you will remain in the Kingdom of Hua Xia, we can guarantee that your family will be safely brought to the Kingdom of Hua Xia. It’s just that… you will all have to bear with the infamy of being traitors to your country.” Gong Zhiyu said earnestly.

Lu Shaoqing and the men from the Wolf Smoke Regiment exchanged looks. They could not believe their ears. After a moment, Lu Shaoqing looked at Gong Zhiyu cautiously and said, “Are you telling us the truth? Can the general… really bring our families to the Kingdom of Hua Xia?”

Gong Zhiyu nodded slightly. His lips curved in a sincere smile. “You don’t have to believe me. But don’t you believe your general?”

This sentence pierced the Wolf Smoke Regiment’s heart at its weakest point.

Their general had never misled them.

“In that case… can I come?” Just as the Wolf Smoke Regiment hesitated and did not reply, Liu Kai, who had been watching anxiously by the side, could not help but jump out.