The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1111 - A Captive Should Act Like One (2)

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Chapter 1111: A Captive Should Act Like One (2)

The 500,000 strong army from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was trapped in the dilapidated city. They had intended to seek temporary refuge from the brunt of the attack, but only realized now that they had fallen into Ji Fengyan’s trap.

Hu Na’s expression was exceptionally ugly. He forced his way through the crowd and rushed to Master Yue’s side. He refused to be misled and tried to extend his hand past the screen, but this had no effect whatsoever.

The screen repelled Hu Na’s hand.

A look of disbelief surfaced on Hu Na’s face. He suddenly raised his eyes and glared viciously at Ji Fengyan and the others, who were standing outside the city.

Ji Fengyan met Hu Na’s eyes unflinchingly. Her lips curved arrogantly in a trace of amusement. She mouthed silently: You’ve been tricked.

It shocked Hu Na. He ground his teeth and clenched his fists. He suddenly raised his hand and instantly activated his World-Termination-Armour. The golden World-Termination-Armour wrapped around Hu Na’s body. The piercing light lit up the surroundings. Hu Na forcefully raised the heavy sword in his hand and struck at the screen with all his might!

With a clang, the heavy sword struck the screen. A bolt of lightning from the screen above struck Hu Na’s head. Hu Na hurriedly stepped back. The spot he had been standing on was already charred by lightning.

At that moment, silence reigned within the city. All the soldiers from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon stared in shock at the screen that surrounded them.

“I advise you to behave yourselves.” Ji Fengyan’s voice slowly traveled to Hu Na’s ears.

Hu Na raised his head and glared viciously at Ji Fengyan, who was walking towards the border of the city. His expression was filled with resentment and murder. He had always been successful in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon and had never experienced this kind of humiliation. However, the first time he crossed swords with Ji Fengyan, he had been reduced to a state of passivity. All his previous arrogance and self-confidence were shattered in Ji Fengyan’s hand. He had become like a joke that everyone disdained.

“You cannot leave this city. If you risk an attack, you will have to suffer the backlash. For your own sakes, you had better behave yourselves and stay in there.” Ji Fengyan hugged herself. She looked calmly at the crestfallen Hu Na, her lovely eyes creased in laughter. “However, please don’t worry. I always treat my captives well. There are plenty of dry rations and water hidden under the ruins of this city. I believe it is sufficient for you to last for a while. If there is anyone who is doubtful and wants to charge out, they are free to give it a try and see if they have a sufficiently thick hide to withstand the lightning.”

Ji Fengyan’s voice was filled with laughter, and her tone was especially casual and nonchalant. However, when her words reached Hu Na’s ears, they seemed to be exceptionally harsh and filled with sarcasm.

Master Yue recovered his wits. He secretly signaled to the soldiers nearby to dig among the ruins of the city. As expected, they found newly made wooden boxes among many of the ruins. When they opened the boxes, they found an enormous quantity of food and water.

When he saw the food, Master’s Yue’s looked utterly desperate.

Ji Fengyan had already planned everything, even fixing the area in which they would be trapped. Their few hundred thousand powerful army was like a herd beast that had been unwittingly and unknowingly led by the nose into the trap she had arranged earlier.

The wight army had disappeared, not because the summoner’s strength had been drained, but because… the prey had fallen into the trap.