The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1110 - A Captive Should Act Like One (1)

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Chapter 1110: A Captive Should Act Like One (1)

When it came to military formations and tactics, ten Hu Na’s could not compare with half a Chi Tong.

Gong Zhiyu controlled the 300,000 powerful wight army, and surrounded the 500,000 men from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon within the city, so that they did not dare to leave. At that moment, Ji Fengyan descended from the air.

“What are you planning to do next? Are you going to kill them all?” Chi Tong looked at Ji Fengyan questioningly.

The soldiers from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon could no longer retaliate. They were doomed to defeat by a stupid commander.

Ji Fengyan looked at the soldiers from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, who thought that they had found a haven. She suddenly nodded.

“Not interested.”

Chi Tong gave a slight start at Ji Fengyan’s reply.

Not interested?

“You can’t be thinking of letting them go? It seems that their commander does not realize that they have lost. If you give them any leeway, they will immediately counterattack.” Chi Tong said.

Ji Fengyan shrugged.

“Since I have allowed you to drive them into this city, I naturally have a way of ensuring that they cannot leave.” With that, Ji Fengyan suddenly threw the evil-vanquishing sword in her hand. The evil-vanquishing sword formed a streak of silver light and embedded itself in a broken down city door. The instant the body of the evil-vanquishing sword sank into the city door, a translucent ray of light suddenly shrouded the entire city, like an enormous screen that separated the interior from the exterior.

“Little feather, disband your wights.” When Ji Fengyan saw the screen appear, she turned her head towards Gong Zhiyu, who was still maintaining the summons.

Gong Zhiyu hesitated a little, but when he saw that Ji Fengyan was certain, he slowly allowed the Summoning of the Wights to dissipate.

As the Summoning of the Wights dissipated, the corpses of the power of the wights that had resurrected seemed to be stripped of their strength. Their bodies stiffened, and they swiftly fell to the ground, one after another.

Master Yue and the others who were in the city, watched as the wights suddenly toppled over. They were stunned for a long time before they recovered their wits.

“The strength of the person wielding the Summoning of the Wights has been drained. We made the right bet!” Master Yue’s face showed a trace of joy. They had chosen to retreat temporarily on the gamble that the hidden summoner could not continue for long.

Now, as the wights relapsed into a deep sleep, it was as if they saw a ray of hope.

Hu Na’s eyes narrowed. His gaze was suddenly pinned on Ji Fengyan, who was not far from the city. A cold, malicious gleam flashed across his eyes.

He wanted to see how Ji Fengyan would fight him without the support of the wight army!

“Everyone listen up. Quit the city immediately! Dismember Ji Fengyan!” Hu Na suddenly roared loudly. The soldiers, who were still shaken, suddenly snapped out of their trance. With that order, they braced themselves and charged out of the city.


Just as the soldiers reached the edge of the city and were preparing to charge out, they hit the translucent shield of light, and were immediately repelled back into the city!

“What’s the matter?” Hu Na gave a slight start.

With a swift step, Master Yue rushed to the edge of the city and swiped at the light shield. However, the moment he touched the light shield, his palm was repelled by an invisible force. He could not extend his hand beyond the light shield!

Master Yue’s face instantly turned pale.