The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1108 - Utter Despair (3)

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Chapter 1108: Utter Despair (3)

Master Yue was the first to detect the lightning. He instantly mobilized all the sorcery energy in him to emit a sorcery light wave to deflect the lightning strikes.

A dazzling light erupted as the two energies collided.

The other Elders were all shocked back to their senses by the energy generated by that collision. They had planned to join in the battle, as they watched countless Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon soldiers die under the lightning strikes.

And this wave of death resulted in a terrifying outcome.

The dying of soldiers—which had been contained only at the front and rear sections—now started spreading across the entire Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon formation.

It shocked the soldiers to the core as they watched their comrades—who had just been struck dead by the lightning—crawling up from the ground. Their eyes held the gray-white cast which only wights possessed.

A nightmare was just beginning.

The wights army was expanding rapidly!

The chaos reached a peak.

Hu Na never expected the battle to deteriorate to this stage.

After taking over the Blaze Army, he had won war after war. With the strength of the Blaze Army, as well as his own capabilities, he had been able to completely suppress the demons in battle. And it was his countless victories, and the fact that he had yet to lose a single battle, which made him so confident of his own abilities.


Ji Fengyan had shattered all of his arrogance and confidence.

Ji Fengyan did not challenge him in terms of army size. As a result, Hu Na could not make use of his talents at troop deployment. He had been completely pushed into a corner without the ability to defend himself.

As Chi Tong observed the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon army being forced into dire straits by the giant soldier gods and wights, a flash of understanding crossed his eyes.

Although the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon deployed a massive army, it was put together with a few dozen different troops. They did not have time before the war to form any rapport with each other. In addition, the commander had belittled his opponent, and could not react fast enough when he tasted defeat. No amount of soldiers would have been enough to ensure their victory.

A commander unable to effectively mobilize his troops was just like a man with brawn but no brains.

Just using numbers alone was not enough to gain control of a battle.

The Terminators might be powerful, but they mostly dealt with demons, who could be defeated just by pure combat strength. On the other hand, human opponents could make use of various military strategies to gain victory.

This was a difference that many nations had overlooked.

Over the past years, there had been very few conflicts between nations and so most of the wars were waged against demons. The Terminators controlled the main bulk of the military power, and they only knew how to deal with demons. They did not understand how to handle a proper war.

From the moment the Emperor made a Terminator the commander of this battle, he had been destined to lose.

A Terminator who only knew how to defeat demons was not a true commander. Brute strength had no place in a battle between humans.

Both Chi Tong and Shi Dakai were normal human beings who made use of their intelligence to gain victories. This made them more experienced in dealing with human opponents rather than demons.

Chi Tong shook his head. As a former god-of-war, he could already see that the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was doomed to failure. He had no desire to continue watching their painful struggle.