The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1107 - Utter Despair (2)

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Chapter 1107: Utter Despair (2)

Ji Fengyan and the ancient dragon coordinated to gain complete control of the sky. Even though the sky was covered by over a hundred flying mounts, not one of them could even touch Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan also did not retaliate too strongly against these Terminators. She could vaguely feel that they appeared to be afraid of something and had no intention of fighting to the death with her. As a result, Ji Fengyan mercifully only struck back enough to make them fall, without meaning to take their lives.

It was because of Grand Tutor Xing Lou that the Terminators did not dare to go all out against Ji Fengyan. It terrified them that they could not return to the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon if they really hurt her.

It should be pointed out that Grand Tutor Xing Lou was sitting in the camp behind. Although he had said nothing to them, but the fact that he had yet to make any moves during this battle showed his favoritism.

The Terminators did not dare to go hard against Ji Fengyan, and anyway, they were also outmatched by the combined power of Ji Fengyan and the ancient dragon.

Meanwhile, the wights army had already caused a major disruption within the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon troops.

The number of wights continued to increase, while the sorcery tutors continued to use sacred-level sorcery to attack them. However, their attacks did not have much impact on the wights. Only the light-based sorcery had a slight effect.

Before they could finish dealing with the wights’ pursuit, the giant soldier gods once again reentered the front lines of the battlefield. This time, they had transferred most of the sorcery tutors to the rear to handle the wights and had no energy left to attack the giant soldier gods.

Being attacked from both front and rear, Hu Na’s face had gone pallid.

He had thought capturing Ji Fengyan would be an effortless task and completely disregarded the might of the Kingdom of Hua Xia.

He never expected that the newly established Kingdom of Hua Xia possessed such lethal powers.

First, there were the giant soldier gods, then the ancient dragon. Now even wights had been summoned. Hu Na nearly thought that he had been mistakenly transported back to a battle of the ancient times. The opponents before him were completely not something a typical nation could bring out.

Unfortunately, no matter how much he raged, the situation had deteriorated beyond hope.

The high-level sorcerers were already swamped with the ever-rising number of wights, and the giant soldier gods had once again appeared. The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s side became a place of mourning.

Master Yue’s expression became increasingly grim. He looked towards the other Elders and noted bitter smiles on all their faces.

It was clear Ji Fengyan would again defeat them.

It was not an easy task to totally annihilate a 800,000-strong army, but Ji Fengyan took her time. After seeing that the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon army had fallen into chaos, she summoned her Five-Blow-Thunderstruck and directed scores of lightning bolts onto the already messy battlefield. The faces of those Terminators all turned black on witnessing the lightning. They hurriedly steered their mounts away to hide, in case that lightning accidentally struck them.

The Terminators movements were rather speedy. But the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon army was not so lucky. Their attentions were already totally absorbed by the wights and the giant soldier gods, and they failed to notice the danger descending from the sky.