The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1106 - Utter Despair (1)

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Chapter 1106: Utter Despair (1)

The high-level sorcerers meant to deal with the giant soldier gods were suppressed by the rapidly growing wights army. This made it very difficult for the opponent to cause any real damage to the giant soldier gods. Having observed that, Chi Tong immediately dispatched men to repair the giant soldier gods.

Although Ji Fengyan had yet to finish her research on the creation of the giant soldier gods, she had already guessed that they would suffer heavy damage during this battle. As such, she had made the proper preparations in the days before the battle.

As long as the giant soldier gods were not being constantly bombarded with attacks, Chi Tong could temporarily remove them from the battlefield and make use of the spiritual jades forged by Ji Fengyan to repair and rejuvenate the Taiji jades within their bodies. The moment the Taiji jades were fully replenished, the battle might of the giant soldier gods would be wholly recovered.

It could be said that Ji Fengyan had made meticulous calculations—to push the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon army so hard that they could barely catch their breaths.

High in the air, Ji Fengyan and that ancient dragon flew unbridled among the Terminators riding their mounts.

The ancient dragon had always been huge, but its speed had now increased to astonishing heights. With its massive physique and lightning speed, it truly dominated the skies and easily subdued the over hundred mounts from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

The Terminators from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon felt like crying.

When they had first been mobilized to handle the Hua Xia battle, they had scornfully felt that the Emperor was just making a mountain out of a molehill. They didn’t think there was a need to activate such an enormous force.

But now… they were nearly being driven mad by Ji Fengyan and that ancient dragon.

They hadn’t understood who their target was when they set off. But after confirming it was Ji Fengyan, those Terminators all felt extremely conflicted.

The Emperor may have hated Ji Fengyan to the core, but quite several Terminators were well aware of something else.

Grand Tutor Xing Lou had never hidden his favoritism of Ji Fengyan. Even when Eldest Princess had been murdered and the Emperor had wanted to mobilize the Terminators to capture Ji Fengyan—Grand Tutor Xing Lou had resolutely barred them from joining the manhunt.

Terminators might belong to the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon and had to obey the Emperor, but the person they truly feared was Grand Tutor Xing Lou.

If the Emperor wanted to retaliate at them in anger, Grand Tutor Xing Lou might be able to preserve their lives. But if they angered the Grand Tutor instead—the Emperor would not dare, nor have the ability, to protect them.

But now, they had to battle the very Ji Fengyan whom Grand Tutor Xing Lou had previously sought to protect. This situation was enough to make their scalps go numb with fear.

Even if they could overlook Grand Tutor Xing Lou’s presence, Ji Fengyan’s battle prowess was already well-known throughout the kingdom.

Ji Fengyan had even completely defeated the 13 Elders—how terrifying her powers must be?


As the Terminators looked at the ferocious and mighty ancient dragon beneath Ji Fengyan’s feet—they felt like they were on the verge of a total breakdown.

They also had mounts, but their mounts were entirely incomparable to that ancient dragon?

The Terminators could only grit their teeth and continue attacking Ji Fengyan and her dragon. However, the speed of their mounts were far below that of the dragon. They had trouble even keeping up with it.