The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1104 - The Wight Army (4)

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Chapter 1104: The Wight Army (4)

It looked as if the charging army from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was about to reach Chi Tong and the others. Suddenly, shrill and tragic, they heard screams from the rear of the army.

When Hu Na heard the tragic screams, he gave a start. He almost subconsciously assumed that the Wolf Smoke Regiment had betrayed them!

But when he turned his head and used his power to sharpen his vision to clearly see the situation at the rear, Hu Na’s heart was instantly chilled.

At some point, another horrifying troop had suddenly appeared behind the army from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

Everyone in the troop wore the armor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, but their bodies were mutilated and incomplete. After their armor had been shattered by sorcery, their mutilated chests and bloody organs had already flowed from their wounds onto the ground. However, these men were still standing. They even waved the heavy swords in their hands at the sorcerers, who were at the rear of the army, because they had the weakest defensive capabilities.

“What on earth is that?!” Hu Na widened his eyes in disbelief as he watched the soldiers that had long died in the previous battle drag their mutilated bodies along, and clamber up again. And this time, they were like evil devils that had crawled out of hell, taking their revenge on the sorcerers who had personally blasted them to death.

All this made Hu Na feel completely shocked and uneasy.

When they were fighting the giant soldier gods, Hu Na had even allowed the sorcerers in the army to attack indiscriminately to exterminate the giant soldier gods as quickly as possible. As a result, they had also killed tens of thousands of swordsmen from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. But… Hu Na would never have dreamt that these swordsmen would be “resurrected”, or that they would actually turn on the sorcerers from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon!

“Wights! Those are wights!” Master Yue, who followed near Hu Na, turned completely pale when he clearly saw the appearance of the resurrected soldiers.

As a powerful sorcerer, Master Yue had previously studied some information related to the Dharma spells of the wights. This information recorded the most powerful summoning spells that originated from the wight sorcerers.

The Summoning of the Wights…

This was a terrifying Dharma spell that could be used in battle to transform the deceased into one’s puppets.

Master Yue would never have imagined that he would actually see the legendary Summoning of the Wights in a place like the Kingdom of Hua Xia.

“Summoning of the Wights? What’s that?” Hu Na looked terrible. Previously, he had arranged for the frail sorcerers to be at the rear of the army, in order to protect them. But now, the sorcerers, which had the weakest defensive capabilities, had become sacrificial lambs, awaiting slaughter by the wight swordsmen.

At such close distances, the sorcerers were unable to counterattack. They did not have time to wield their sorcery for a counterattack.

In a moment, the death toll of the sorcerer contingent climbed to nearly ten thousand!

To Hu Na, what was even more incredible was that the sorcerers that had just been killed by the wight swordsmen balanced their wobbling heads that were attached by just a fragment of skin, and clambered up from the ground again. They even… raised the magic staff in their hands. Hoarse voices emitted from their bloodstained mouths as they began to chant fragments of curses!

It was as unbelievable as a nightmare.

Master Yue did not have time to explain matters to Hu Na. The first wave of attack from the wight sorcerers crashed without warning on the army from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon…