The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1103 - The Wight Army (3)

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Chapter 1103: The Wight Army (3)

As Gong Zhiyu’s smiling voice subsided, he quietly touched the ground with the wight magic staff in his hand. A thick aura of death instantly spread from Gong Zhiyu’s feet to the surroundings.

Under the cover of the troops from Yan Luo Dian, the thick aura of death quietly spread in all directions. The rapidly charging army from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon did not notice it at all. Under the dust thrown up by their feet, a layer of pale gray mist rose silently from the ground, and rapidly spread towards the soldiers who had previously died in battle…

However, the Wolf Smoke Regiment, which had fallen to the rear, noticed everything that was happening.

Although the Wolf Smoke Regiment had followed the army from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon onto the battlefield, the Grand Tutor, Xing Lou, had previously given an ultimatum that they were not to take part in any of the fighting. They were only allowed to watch the battle from the sidelines.

Previously, the Wolf Smoke Regiment had continued to cling on to the wish of making some contribution, and had continued to closely follow the main force.

But when they realized that their actual enemy was their much missed Ji Fengyan, their feet could not advance at all.

They did not dare to imagine themselves pointing their weapons at Ji Fengyan.

And that was precisely why, when Hu Na ordered the army to attack, the Wolf Smoke Regiment and Liu Kai had stood motionless at their original spot, watching this heart-wrenching battle.

But now…

They could clearly see that a pale gray mist was slowly rising from the ground that the army had passed over. The mist slowly moved towards the soldiers who had died and covered their bodies.

This strange scene happened suddenly.

The gray mist seemed to be guided by some kind of power. It suddenly poured into the corpses, and when the gray mist had completely covered the corpses, the dead soldiers suddenly quivered. Their movements were very stiff and they wobbled as they clambered up from the ground. However, their eyes no longer showed a spark of life, but only a layer of gray and white.

“What… what’s that?” Liu Kai widened his eyes in disbelief as he saw the “resurrected” soldiers. He wanted to continue speaking, but Lu Shaoqing, who was standing nearby, suddenly raised his hand and covered Liu Kai’s mouth.

Shock flashed across Liu Kai’s face.

Lu Shaoqing frowned deeply. His emotions were in turmoil as he looked at Ji Fengyan, who was standing on the ancient dragon’s back, battling the Terminators from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Then a resolute look appeared in his eyes.

“Deputy General Liu, we have already lost the ability to join the battle. All we can do is stand here and watch the battle.” Lu Shaoqing looked away, then gazed at Liu Kai with a strange expression.

Liu Kai gave a slight start. Lu Shaoqing’s words sparked a vague realization within him. He suddenly understood what Lu Shaoqing meant. He looked at the surrounding Wolf Smoke Regiment with a complicated expression. Liu Kai saw that every face showed signs of struggle, and a reluctant resolution.

In that instant, Liu Kai understood completely.

He lowered his hand and nodded silently.

They were unable to stand next to Ji Fengyan and fight shoulder to shoulder with her. They were unable to make any move that betrayed their country. But… they could choose not to be her enemy.

And this… was the only thing that they could do. It was their last bit of selfishness.

Without the Wolf Smoke Regiment’s warning, the army that was intent on advancing, did not notice the danger coming from behind…