The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1100 - I Am The Queen (4)

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Chapter 1100: I Am The Queen (4)

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No one had ever seen such a peculiar blaze. It was invulnerable to water and soil, and the battlefield quickly became a sea of fire.

Astonishment flashed across Hu Na’s eyes. The dragon fire far exceeded his estimations.

Although humans had believed that the ancient dragons were long extinct, the legends surrounding those beasts continued to spread. According to records, the dragon fire emitted by ancient dragons was very intense—but this current display of power had already gone far beyond what the humans knew.

Hu Na did not understand that this ancient dragon before him was entirely different from those in the legends. This dragon had swallowed a dragon soul elixir which contained the power of a five-clawed golden dragon. And the fire of a five-clawed golden dragon was the legendary true flame that could never be extinguished.

It would continue burning even if one threw it into a lake, and would turn anybody of water into steam.

Although the fire by this ancient dragon was still not as formidable as that of a true five-clawed golden dragon, its intensity had already far surpassed its original strength.

Looking on as their sorcery attacks were swallowed by the dragon fire, as well as the chaos upon the battlefield created by the falling flames—Hu Na’s face instantly turned rigid. He turned to look at Master Yue.

Master Yue quickly realized Hu Na’s meaning and summoned an Elder who was an ice-based sorcerer.

Under the onslaught of the dragon fire, a bitter chill spread across the battlefield. A frosty fog formed in mid-air, producing shards of ice which fell to the ground to freeze the burning fires.

The sacred-level ice-based sorcery finally stopped the dragon fire from spreading. But Master Yue was shocked by the fact that he could see the dragon fire still burning under the ice. The ice prevented the fire from spreading but failed to extinguish it.

What kind of power enabled those flames to continue burning within that ice?

Master Yue couldn’t imagine. Even the top fire-based sorcerer could not summon such a deviant flame.

The ancient dragon continued to spew dragon fire. It felt so powerful that it could barely contain its excitement. The dragon could clearly feel that a major change had occurred within its body. This sense of invincibility brought it back to the ancient times when the dragons were right at the top of the food chain.

Ji Fengyan didn’t expect the ancient dragon to have changed so dramatically. She had battled together with it several times and was familiar with its strength. If its dragon fire had been so formidable, that battle at the capital institute would not have been such a miserable affair.

Obviously, the god-level elixir had strengthened the ancient dragon at a pace even more terrifying than she imagined.

The ancient dragon finally paused after spewing a massive amount of flames. On its own strength, it had continuously swallowed countless attacks by over 100,000 sorcerers. This outcome was unbelievable.

That invigorating display had also depleted about half of the dragon’s energy. It needed to rest for a while if it wished to continue.

“That felt great! All right, I will leave the rest to you.” The ancient dragon could not hide the excitement in its voice.