The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1099 - I Am The Queen (3)

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Chapter 1099: I Am The Queen (3)

Scores of arrows flew across the sky, so many, they fell like rain.

Ji Fengyan smirked as she stood upon the ancient dragon. She stayed in her original spot, but the dragon suddenly flapped its massive wings just as the arrows were approaching!

Two typhoon-like gusts of wind were created and spiraled towards those arrows.

Before those arrows could even come close to Ji Fengyan and the ancient dragon, the powerful winds had deflected them all away.

Countless arrows dropped uselessly upon the battlegrounds.

Hu Na didn’t react. The sorcerers quickly followed up with their own attack, hurling sorcery attacks towards that gargantuan figure in the sky.

Ji Fengyan was just about to summon a bout of lightning when the ancient dragon spoke.

“Don’t be so hasty. Let me try first.” The ancient dragon’s powerful voice reverberated in Ji Fengyan’s ears. She couldn’t help feeling amused and lowered her evil-vanquishing sword.

After the ancient dragon swallowed that dragon soul elixir, its body had undergone some remarkable changes. But no one could determine just how much more powerful the dragon had become.

And this was the perfect opportunity for it to test the new depths of its abilities.

Ji Fengyan discreetly mobilized her own vital energy to create a total defense for herself. She then passed on the task of dealing with the incoming sorcery to that ancient dragon.

The ancient dragon felt the urgent rush of sorcery energy surging towards it from all four directions. It narrowed its eyes and suddenly pulled back its wings. It rose up slightly and opened its huge jaws. A golden blaze was rapidly forming in its mouth.

In the next second, the ancient dragon suddenly emitted an earth-shaking howl as it spewed intense dragon fire downwards!

Streaks of red light were mixed into the golden flames, which barreled powerfully towards the sorcery attack!

Countless sorcery energies had been shooting towards the sky, each encompassing its unique light. However, they were all uniformly engulfed by that golden dragon blaze!

Deafening howls reverberated across the sky as the ancient dragon continued to spew out its dragon fire. It was like a massive cloud of fire drifting in midair. That flaming cloud became an all-encompassing barrier shielding the ancient dragon from below. It completely swallowed all sorcery powers!

It created tiny sparks with each explosive sound, igniting fires as they fell to the ground.

Anyone who made contact with that dragon fire felt an intense searing heat spreading rapidly across their bodies. Even those heavily armoured swordsmen and horsemen could not escape that horrible burning sensation.

Worse still, it appeared that the dragon fire was inextinguishable. It would spread rapidly after falling upon their armour, burning big holes in the tough material.

Cries of pain permeated the battlefield as everyone who had been touched by the dragon fire was hastily shedding their armour!