The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1098 - I Am The Queen (2)

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Chapter 1098: I Am The Queen (2)

The Wolf Smoke Regiment were all in a daze. They could not believe what they were seeing.

The General whom they have pined after over so many months turned out to be the very queen they were supposed to kill in this battle. From Hu Na’s reaction, it was obvious he had known about Ji Fengyan’s identity all along.

At this point, a sense of outrage at being fooled swept across the entire Wolf Smoke Regiment.

The Emperor had known long ago that Ji Fengyan was the Hua Xia queen, but made a false promise to the Wolf Smoke Regiment. If Xing Lou had not suddenly shifted them to the back of the formation, it would have been them who would face off with Ji Fengyan!

Lu Shaoqing was extremely grim. His earlier guess had now been proven.

But the truth remained a slap to the face.

The Wolf Smoke Regiment were like a bunch of pathetic fools, being played by the Emperor. The Emperor knew that the regiment was loyal to Ji Fengyan and looked forward to her return—but he still pushed them to meet her in battle.

Liu Kai was likewise shocked. He could not comprehend the reality of it all.

Ji Fengyan was actually the Hua Xia queen, and the battle opponent of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

“How could it be… Ji Fengyan… how could she be the Hua Xia queen? This… this must be a joke. It cannot be real!” Liu Kai’s face was stark with shock. He was unwilling to accept the truth before him.

His comrade-in-arms had now become their opponent.

The Wolf Smoke Regiment and Liu Kai were on the verge of a complete breakdown. They could not face Ji Fengyan and kill her.

Every single one of them was rescued by Ji Fengyan before. They had joined this battle solely to seek “justice” for her. But now… everything had turned into one great joke.

The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon army led by Hu Na met Ji Fengyan straight on in the battlefield.

The ancient dragon that Ji Fengyan was riding upon gave off a strong, oppressive feel to the people of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. They couldn’t believe that this long-lost, mythical creature would once again make an appearance. And it was no longer protecting the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon like in the legends, but had instead turned into their target.

Both the appearance of the ancient dragon and Ji Fengyan shook the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon army to the core.

Hu Na narrowed his eyes, a murderous glint shining within. Although he was surprised by Ji Fengyan possessing the mighty ancient dragon, he was not at all worried.

The ancient dragon was formidable, but they had brought enough soldiers and powerful siege towers to this war.

“I think that the one who won’t be able to leave here alive today is you?” Hu Na lifted his chin and looked disdainfully at Ji Fengyan. He raised his hand and gave a faint smile. “I want to see if you can defeat a 800,000-powerful army!”

With that, Hu Na dropped his hand and bellowed.


At Hu Na’s command, the huge army surged forward once again. And this time, all the archers were aiming their bows and arrows at Ji Fengyan. The sorcerers also raised their magic staffs and started chanting curses.