The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1096 - An Attack That Hurts Both Sides (3)

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Chapter 1096: An Attack That Hurts Both Sides (3)

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“City Lord, the giant soldier gods are being restrained, what should we do now?” Duanmu Hongru pushed aside his disgust for the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s commander as he looked at Chi Tong.

Under the attack of sacred-level sorcery, tiny cracks had appeared on the bodies of the giant soldier gods. Although they could still maintain an advantage for the time being, they would not be able to hold on if the attacks continued on.

“Send a signal to the queen. We are not the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.” Chi Tong narrowed his eyes as his voice turned exceedingly frosty.

When Ji Fengyan had deployed the giant soldier gods, she had already stressed that if they showed any signs of being defeated; they were to be called back immediately.

The giant soldier gods might be just an instrument of war to others, but to Ji Fengyan, they were living creatures the moment she activated them. She was unwilling to send her own citizens to their deaths, and would likewise not want to see the giant soldier gods in dire straits.

This… was the resolution of the queen of the Kingdom of Hua Xia!

Duanmu Hongru immediately complied. He lit the little paper figures he had on him, as this was the method that Ji Fengyan told them to use those to deliver messages.

The little paper figures burned and a green smoke rose into the air before dissipating.

The moment the green smoke dissipated, Ji Fengyan suddenly opened her eyes. She was sitting on the back of the ancient dragon. A harsh light flashed across her eyes, which the nearby Gong Zhiyu noticed. He gave a faint smile at that.

“Is it time for me to act?” Gong Zhiyu chuckled.

Ji Fengyan nodded.

Gong Zhiyu gave a light laugh and bowed slightly towards Ji Fengyan. “Then would my queen please send me onto the battlefield, so that I can secure peace for the Kingdom of Hua Xia.”

Ji Fengyan smiled at Gong Zhiyu.

“I will do so.”

With that, Ji Fengyan spoke to the ancient dragon, who promptly spread its huge wings and flew towards the battlefield!

An increasing number of sacred-level sorcery landed upon the battlefield. The giant soldier gods’ attack had already been impeded. Hu Na’s smile deepened as he watched more and more cracks spread across their huge bodies.

“Giant soldier god? They are also not that great. Is there anything in this world that is unbreakable? Let the sorcerers continue attacking.”

Hu Na’s voice held a hint of a smile, which grated on Master Yue’s ears.

Since the war started, the number of soldiers who died by the sacred-level sorcery far outweighed the damage done to the giant soldier gods. But all those deaths were not even worth a mention in Hu Na’s eyes.

For the first time, Master Yue doubted his sworn oath. He had never witnessed such a cruel battle.

Nevertheless, under the continuous attack ordered by Hu Na, the giant soldier gods suddenly retreated. This abrupt change sparked a glint of happiness in Hu Na’s eyes.

“They can’t hold it anymore, don’t let them escape. Crush them all!”

Hu Na hollered across his vast army, and a fresh surge of sorcery attack was directed at those retreating giant soldier gods.


At this moment, countless lightning bolts descended from the sky and completely negated that fresh wave of sacred-level sorcery!