The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1095 - An Attack That Hurts Both Sides (2)

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Chapter 1095: An Attack That Hurts Both Sides (2)

Master Yue closed his eyes and clenched his fists when that sorcery struck. He knew better than anyone how terrifying the power of ten sacred-level sorcery was.

However, a cruel smile played upon Hu Na’s lips.

Residual waves after the attack by the sacred-level sorcery remained, causing much fear to the surrounding soldiers who were lucky enough to survive.

The landscape had been charred black with a deep crater just a few steps away from them. Even more terrifying was that… each of the corpses strewn across the charred ground was still in one piece.

Those soldiers had not died in the hands of the giant soldier gods, but by the hand of their very own sorcerers…

Nothing could be more heart-breaking to those soldiers.

In the dead silence, a massive figure stood up, swaying in the swirls of dust kicked up by that explosion.

That giant soldier god, which had endured countless attacks, remained standing straight and tall before everyone. However, this time, a crack had appeared on its shoulder. Although it was just a slight crack compared to the rest of its tremendous body, it confirmed Hu Na’s suspicions.

The sacred-level sorcery was enough to breach the powerful defenses of the giant soldier gods!

After attaining this satisfying result. Hu Na didn’t hold back anymore. He immediately ordered the rest of the sorcery tutors to blast those giant soldier gods!

As the sacred-level sorcery started accumulating one by one, the smell of blood became even stronger across the Free Valley. Countless soldiers had no time to flee and were blasted to death by the sorcery. But Hu Na had already passed down his command of death—they were to block the progress of the giant soldier gods and could not retreat even half a step. Otherwise they would be considered traitors!

Under the threat of being treated as a traitor, no one dared to flee. If they turned back, death would not just fall upon them but would also bring danger to their families.

Mired in despair, the soldiers could only holler and wait for death to claim them.

In just a brief period, tens of thousands of people had died under the attack of sacred-level sorcery. And the giant soldier gods were finally restrained under this intense wave of attack.


Chi Tong had witnessed everything.

Chi Tong had fought many battles and led many troops, claiming the great name of the god of war. Not only that, he also had the good reputation of always striving to protect his own men. Otherwise, Duanmu Hongru and the gang would not have risked their lives to follow him when they were fleeing from the Kingdom of Xi.

And now Chi Tong’s eyes blazed with rage.

In a battle, one must distinguish between one’s side and the enemy’s. Chi Tong had never been troubled over an enemy’s death, but now, he totally could not contain his rage.

The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s commander was completely disregarding his own soldiers and making use of a sorcery with a wide attack area. It was clear he didn’t care about his soldiers’ lives at all!

This wanton abuse of a subordinate’s life went against every moral fiber in Chi Tong’s being.

His soldiers might die in battle, but never at the hands of their own side!

Duanmu Hongru was also watching the entire scene. Although the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon soldiers were their enemies, as a soldier himself, he couldn’t help feeling anger at the situation. The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s commander truly disgusted him.