The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1094 - An Attack That Hurts Both Sides (1)

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Chapter 1094: An Attack That Hurts Both Sides (1)

Master Yue turned pale when he heard that Hu Na wanted to make use of sacred-level sorcery.

“General Hu, the attack area of sacred-level sorcery is too wide. If you use it, our own men will probably be as well…”

“Master Yue!” Hu Na cut off Master Yue. “His Majesty has commanded us to take down Ji Fengyan no matter what. To gain victory, one must sometimes make certain sacrifices.”

With that, Hu Na immediately passed on his order.

Master Yue stared in disbelief at Hu Na and saw not the slightest bit of mercy in his eyes. Hu Na was not at all concerned about the lives of those soldiers at the forefront.

Using all means to attain one’s goal. Hu Na’s methods caused a chill to run up Master Yue’s spine.

Hu Na’s orders were quickly passed on. There were about 2,000 sorcery tutors and Hu Na wisely divided them into groups of ten to attack their designated giant soldier god.

Under the protection of others, the ten sorcery tutors started chanting spells. Streaks of sorcery light accumulated above their heads, as the powerful waves of sorcery enveloped their surroundings. That immense power caused the soldiers much unease.

Standing at the back, Lu Shaoqing could not confirm what was happening at the front lines of the battle. He could only see those 12 gigantic beings. However, he noticed waves of powerful sorcery were coming towards the center of their troops. His heart lurched.

“Military advisor Lu, what now?” A Wolf Smoke Regiment soldier asked Lu Shaoqing impatiently. He hoped that they would have the chance to go to battle.

But Lu Shaoqing’s face had gone pallid. He stared wide-eyed at the gradually accumulating sorcery energy hovering in the sky. A sense of foreboding rose in his heart.

“Sacred-level sorcery? That commander has gone mad!” Lu Shaoqing had immediately noticed that the sorcery energy was definitely not your usual sorcery. Only a sacred-level sorcery would display such a terrifying power.

Although Lu Shaoqing could see what was happening at the front, the heavy smell of blood wafting back and the sight of figures being continuously flung away—many soldiers were engaged in a fight with those 12 giant soldier gods.

But Hu Na wanted to make use of sacred-level sorcery, and not just one wave!

Who knew how much damage would actually be done to those giant soldier gods by that much sacred-level sorcery. But those swordsmen and riders surrounding the giant soldier gods would most likely all perish!

Hu Na was insane!

Did he know how many Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon soldiers would be killed by that move!

And Lu Shaoqing’s concerns were validated in the next second.

Ten immense sacred-level sorcery spells were completed, and a dazzling light filled with intense sorcery energy came barreling towards the front lines!

The blast power of ten sacred-level sorcery was like a small sun exploding before the eyes of the crowd.

Those soldiers who were still defending against the giant soldier gods had no time to react at all. They instinctively looked up only to see their doomsday arrive.


A massive sound of explosion shattered the eardrums of everyone. The barrage of powerful sacred-level sorcery swallowed all living things in its path!