The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1073 - The Great Army Of The Kingdom Of The Sacred Dragon (1)

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Chapter 1073: The Great Army Of The Kingdom Of The Sacred Dragon (1)

The Wolf Smoke Regiment was loyal only to one person. There was no way they would let go of this opportunity.

It had been a tough few months for the Wolf Smoke Regiment. Lu Shaoqing originally had the chance for a promotion. His abilities were finally taken note of and the current Green Nightmare Army General, Qin Muyao had expressed his desire for Lu Shaoqing to join him.

The Green Nightmare Army had always been powerful, and with Qin Muyao, the descendant of the top Terminator family, as its general—its strength was more than doubled. Its original troop numbers were also increased to more than 300,000 men and was truly the number one army in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

Countless men had racked their brains over how to claim a spot in that army, not to mention garnering a personal invite by Qin Muyao.

But Lu Shaoqing rejected it.

He stayed on to watch over his forlorn Wolf Smoke Regiment. Together with every soldier in that regiment, they awaited the return of their personal hero.

And it wasn’t just Lu Shaoqing. Every member of the Wolf Smoke Regiment had received an invitation by other troops. Their battle prowess were more than proven by that battle in the Plain of Corpses. Anyone would want a member of such an elite force to join their army.

But unfortunately, none of the soldiers left. They loyally remained at the remote Moonset Valley. Over the past few months, they didn’t receive any missions, and their glorious reputation gradually wore away with time.

And their stubbornness had the other troops in the kingdom sneering.

A soldier under the command of a vicious criminal. So what if they were powerful?

“Brothers, be prepared for a major battle this time! Military advisor Lu, do you know the history of that Kingdom of Hua Xia? His Majesty has dispatched such a huge military force. I heard that there will be hundreds of Terminators and even the 13 Elders will be there,” A soldier said in high spirits. If they could conquer the Kingdom of Hua Xia, their general could return.

Lu Shaoqing pondered for a period before replying, “The Kingdom of Hua Xia is a nation established inside the Free Valley. The valley was never under any major power, but was unified by someone recently to establish that kingdom. Hua Xia remains a mystery to us. To-date, apart from engaging the nearby Kingdom of Fu Xiang in battle, there has not been any news of it.”

Lu Shaoqing paused before advising. “I understand your current state of mind. But don’t belittle our enemy and don’t get overly excited.”

The soldiers laughed gaily. “Military advisor Lu, don’t worry! Our general trained us, and even though she is not here, we will not tarnish her excellent reputation! We promise to keep our flag flying proud. When General returns, she will definitely be praising us.”

Lu Shaoqing couldn’t help chuckling. Ji Fengyan had been away for so long, but in their hearts, it was as if she had never left.

However, a sense of unease continued to bother Lu Shaoqing.

The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had placed the Wolf Smoke Regiment in cold storage for so long. It was very unusual for the nation to suddenly turn around and let them join this battle. They were even given the huge responsibility of being the vanguard. Lu Shaoqing was rather puzzled by this point.


In view of the vow made by the Emperor, as strange as the situation was, the Wolf Smoke Regiment would do their best!

This was their last chance.