The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1071 - A Formidable Enemy Approaches (2)

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Chapter 1071: A Formidable Enemy Approaches (2)

Ji Fengyan’s Five-Blow-Thunderstruck could be counteracted as lightning-based sorcery. Ordinary sorcerers might have a hard time dealing with it, but if over a hundred sorcerers, at the level of sorcery tutor and above, used their sorcery as a defense, then the effect of the Five-Blow-Thunderstruck would be greatly reduced.

The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had many sorcerers, and among the major countries, it had one of the largest number of sorcery tutors.

The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had suffered a setback at the hand of Ji Fengyan. This time, they would not make the same mistake. Since they dared to send out troops this time, they would have made comprehensive preparations.

Gong Zhiyu’s expression became slightly graver. Ji Fengyan’s words deepened his realization that this battle would not be as easy as the one against the Kingdom of Fu Xiang.

“Chi Tong, what are your views?” Gong Zhiyu looked at battle-hardened Chi Tong. Chi Tong was more experienced than him in leading troops to war.

Chi Tong remained silent for a moment, then said steadily, “The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s military strength is great. Ten Kingdoms of Fu Xiang would not even be a match for the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. The Kingdom of Fu Xiang previously suffered two major defeats because they underestimated the enemy. However, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon has some understanding of the Queen’s power, also…”

Chi Tong frowned and continued, “The Queen previously exhibited much power in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, and also led troops from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon into battle. I am afraid… the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon will analyze this, or perhaps might allow the Queen’s previous subordinates to take part in this battle.”

This was what worried Chi Tong the most.

Based on his understanding of Ji Fengyan, he knew that she would go to the extreme to justify the faults of others.

Further, when Ji Fengyan described the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, she had only briefly mentioned the Wolf Smoke Regiment, but it filled her words with pleasure.

If the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon really put the Wolf Smoke Regiment into the battle, Ji Fengyan might experience pressure like never before.

Ji Fengyan’s expression was slightly shocked.

Fight with the wolf cubs?

Although Ji Fengyan had not remained in the army camp for long, most of the soldiers in the Wolf Smoke Regiment had entered her command as rookies. One might say that she had single-handedly brought up the Wolf Smoke Regiment. She was deeply familiar with everyone in the regiment. If not for the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon creating discord, she would still be together with that group of wolf cubs.

Ji Fengyan had previously tried to get the Thorn Birds to secretly obtain news of the Wolf Smoke Regiment, but the news they had gathered had been pitifully scanty.

The Wolf Smoke Regiment had contributed majorly in the alliance of the three armies. But after the affair had ended, they had received no reward. They continued to be neglected in the far-flung Moonset Valley. It was rumored that to date, no new general had been sent to take command of the Moonset Valley, and the military adviser, Lu Shaoqing, was temporarily leading the troops.

“Not only that, your companions in the capital institute… might also take part in this battle.” Chi Tong spoke with difficulty. Although it was cruel, he had to say it. “If you have to fight them to the death, will you be able to harden your heart?”

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes slightly. The familiar faces flashed swiftly past her mind’s eye.

The Wolf Smoke Regiment, Liu Kai and the other fools, Qin Muyao… and all her fellow students whom she had once fought shoulder to shoulder with in the capital institute.

In the near future, she might have to fight them to the death.

When she thought of this, Ji Fengyan’s agitation became further suppressed.

If it was anyone else, she would be able to utterly defeat them. It was inconsequential that they had found a solution to the Five-Blow-Thunderstruck. With her current power, she could annihilate the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s army.