The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1067 - Speechless (1)

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Chapter 1067: Speechless (1)

No one noticed anything unusual and cheered on happily. Many of them had even chased them into the nuptial chamber.

Undoubtedly, in the entire city of Heavenly Courts, no one would have dared to disturb Ji Fengyan in the nuptial chamber.

With the blessings of everyone, Ji Fengyan smiled as she dragged Liu Huo, who had a complicated face, into the palace while the rest left sensibly from the side.

After Ji Fengyan led Liu Huo into the bedroom, there were only the two of them remaining. Ji Fengyan closed the door and grabbed a chair to sit in front of Liu Huo. With her legs crossed and her arms folded, she lifted her delicate chin up.

“My little Liu Huo, shouldn’t you come clear with me now? Or do you prefer me to call you Xing Lou?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly.

Liu Huo’s eyes flashed with a complexed expression.

It was definitely not a slip of the tongue that time, and Linghe had intentionally tested him. Obviously, before Liu Huo had acted strangely, Ji Fengyan already guessed it. Otherwise, she would have instructed Linghe beforehand to do that.

Ji Fengyan was also not in a rush. Even though she was not concerned about Liu Huo’s past and identity, but… this brat had actually used Xing Lou’s identity to take liberties of her, causing her to think that she was a “fickle-minded woman”.

She actually had feelings for a man other than Liu Huo.

Who knew how hard Ji Fengyan had tried to avoid Xing Lou during that period.

While she was protecting her chastity, that brat had purposely used the identity as the Grand Tutor of Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon to blatantly take liberties of her. She would not forget this debt that she had to claim from him this easily.

Liu Huo’s expression was very complicated. His good-looking brows frowned uncontrollably as he gazed deep into Ji Fengyan’s eyes.

This was originally the most blissful day, but he had never thought that Ji Fengyan had already prepared such a ‘surprise’ for him here.

“I… have nothing to say.” Liu Huo’s fist that was at the side of his body tightened slightly as his head hung low hopelessly.


Nothing to say?

Ji Fengyan had tried to imagine how Liu Huo would explain to her after she exposed his identity, but the current situation was something she had not thought of.

He had actually not intended on explaining himself.

“Nothing to say?” Ji Fengyan’s lips curled into a grin. With a swoosh, she stood up from her chair and dashed in front of Liu Huo. She used her arms to hold on to Liu Huo’s shoulders and pressed him against the wall behind him.

“This is the response you are giving me?” Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. She would not have been this bothered if Liu Huo had given her any explanation and she would at most punish him lightly. However, everything that happened was totally unexpected.

Liu Huo completely did not plan on explaining himself.

Ji Fengyan had thought that she would mind nothing about Liu Huo all along, but now, there was a ball of fury rising within her unknowingly.

That day was their wedding day and up to that time, he still did not intend to explain anything to her?

With his troubled gaze, Liu Huo struggled to look at Ji Fengyan. In the end, he lowered his head silently and did not dare to look at Ji Fengyan’s bright eyes.

Seeing Liu Huo meekly submitting himself like usual, Ji Fengyan did not know whether she was angry at herself or at him as she took a step back.

“Very well, then I shall wait until the time when you are willing to tell me, then we can continue.”