The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1066 - Royal Wedding (3)

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Chapter 1066: Royal Wedding (3)

Linghe rearranged his thoughts so that he did not look so ridiculous, then formally began his role as chief witness.

At that moment, silence fell over the city square and its surroundings. Everyone’s gaze was concentrated on Ji Fengyan and Liu Huo. They waited as the moment they had all fixed their attention on took place before their eyes.

This was the first time Linghe had such an “important” role and he was naturally nervous. In addition, the words that Ji Fengyan had spoken into his ear just now made his emotions even more complicated. He took several deep breaths before he could completely calm himself.

“Today is one of the most important moments in the Kingdom of Hua Xia. It is my pleasure to witness this moment together with all of you. Tonight, our Queen is getting married, and her husband is the young man before us—Liu Huo…”

Linghe forced himself to remain calm as he solemnly proclaimed his blessings.

Liu Huo stood next to Ji Fengyan. Until that moment, he felt as though he was in a dream.

He subconsciously turned his head to look at Ji Fengyan’s profile, as if unwilling to move his gaze from her.

At that moment, everyone’s well-wishes were conveyed by their expressions.

Amusement lurked in the corner of Ji Fengyan’s mouth. She was probably the calmest person there. She noticed Liu Huo’s gaze and turned her head to meet Liu Huo’s eyes.

“No regrets?” She said laughing.

Liu Huo shook his head slightly. “Not in this lifetime.”

Ji Fengyan laughed. This was the response from Liu Huo that she had been waiting for.

Linghe’s voice reverberated in the air of the Heavenly Courts. The materialistic dragon circled on the horizon. It had brought the rare beasts and the forest spirits of the Forest of Freedom on its back to witness this moment. The Rhinoceros Beast had to guard the Forest of Freedom and could not come, but had sent its good wishes.

As the congratulations poured forth, the forest spirits scattered the flower petals they had prepared earlier.

The slowly falling petals made the moment as beautiful as a dream.

Linghe’s voice suddenly stiffened a little. When he spoke his final blessings, his voice was a little hoarse.

“Let us give our best wishes to the Queen and Xing Lou.”

These simple concluding words caused a stir amidst the celebration.

Everyone’s face froze with surprise.

Xing Lou?

Not Liu Huo?

Everyone looked puzzled.

But Linghe seemed to realize his mistake and hurriedly corrected himself. “I’m sorry, I was too nervous. It should be the Queen and Liu Huo.” In reality, he was so nervous that it soaked his back in sweat.

The crowd could not help but laugh. No one paid any attention to Linghe’s momentary slip.

But they did not notice that when Linghe had said Xing Lou’s name, the smiling Liu Huo had received a sharp shock. His hands that were holding Ji Fengyan’s hands suddenly stiffened. He looked at Ji Fengyan, stunned.

But Ji Fengyan laughed and turned a smiling face towards him. She cracked her lips and mouthed:

I’ve caught you.

She was not a hundred percent certain, but Liu Huo’s reaction had confirmed her guess.

A look of shock suddenly appeared in Liu Huo’s eyes. But Ji Fengyan casually looked away, as if nothing had happened.

At that moment, Liu Huo finally realized what Ji Fengyan had been saying in Linghe’s ear.

He had never dreamt that something like that would happen.

Although his emotions were in turmoil, he still clutched tightly to Ji Fengyan’s hands, as if afraid that the happiness he had just grasped would suddenly vanish.

[An accident has happened to Mi. The Royal Wedding has proceeded “smoothly”.]