The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1065 - Royal Wedding (2)

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Chapter 1065: Royal Wedding (2)

Everyone had arrived except for Ji Fengyan. The crowd waited impatiently. Their eyes subconsciously turned towards the palace.

Liu Huo quietly stood there and waited. No matter how calm he appeared on the surface, his pounding heart betrayed his nervousness.

He had never imagined that this day would come.

Under the expectant gaze of the crowd, a fiery red figure appeared, seated on Bai Ze’s back. The bright red contrasted with the pure white of the night scene.

At that moment, the crowd involuntarily held its breath, and turned to look at the young girl who wore a fiery red wedding robe and headdress.

To be honest, Ji Fengyan’s could not be considered being exceptionally beautiful. But today, her beauty was unsurpassed.

Liu Huo had eyes only for Ji Fengyan. She was just as he remembered her, so beautiful that his soul longed for her.

Bai Ze brought Ji Fengyan towards the city square. Behind it followed Xiao Tian Quan and Ge Lang. The two night demonic wolves had large red flowers tied to their chests, and they looked especially festive. Further, the roly-poly Xiao Tuanzi rode on Ge Lang’s back. Someone had wrapped Xiao Tuanzi up in red cloth and he looked just like a round little red ball.

Bai Ze stopped at the city square, and Ji Fengyan casually leapt down from its back. It was hard to reconcile her fluid movements with the fact that tonight was her wedding.

Liu Huo responded by taking a step towards Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan smilingly looked over Liu Huo. Liu Huo had always worn white because Ji Fengyan had always provided his clothes and had thought they were fit for an immortal. Who would have thought that he would be unexpectedly handsome in the fiery red wedding robes?

“Not bad.” Ji Fengyan reached out and pinched Liu Huo’s chin.

The surrounding well-wishes almost collapsed at this flirtatious move. They somehow felt that their Queen was too domineering?

If one did not know their genders and just looked at their stance, one would be hard pressed to say who was the groom and who was the bride.

The crowd’s stares already numbed Linghe. He accepted his fate and went forward to ask Ji Fengyan if they could start. When Ji Fengyan saw Linghe’s fiery red clothes, she smiled wickedly. Her smile made Linghe want to flee on the spot.

“Brother Ling, come over here. I need to discuss some details with you.” Ji Fengyan crooked her finger at Linghe.

Linghe hid his inner pain and walked over.

Ji Fengyan deliberately took Linghe aside. When she was sure that Liu Huo could not hear her, she whispered softly in Linghe’s ears.

However, her words made Linghe’s expression change drastically. Linghe widened his eyes in disbelief. He no longer cared about his shameful apparel. He could only stare at Ji Fengyan incredulously.

“Queen, you really…”

Before Linghe could finish speaking, Ji Fengyan had already covered his mouth.

“Just do as I say. ” Ji Fengyan said.

Linghe frowned involuntarily. He looked at Ji Fengyan, then looked at Liu Huo, who was standing nearby. His heart was conflicted. But after a moment’s thought, he nodded reluctantly.

He should have known that his young mistress would not yield so obediently, but… perhaps this joke was going too far?

Linghe suddenly pitied Liu Huo.

Liu Huo saw Ji Fengyan whisper into Linghe’s ear. Although he could not hear what they were saying, Linghe’s meaningful look made Liu Huo vaguely guess that what Ji Fengyan said had something to do with him.