The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1064 - Royal Wedding (1)

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Chapter 1064: Royal Wedding (1)

The entire nation rejoiced at the wedding of the Queen of Hua Xia.

The people who had been stationed in the outlying areas had received the news and had all hurried back overnight. That only left a few people on guard outside the valley.

The royal wedding was rather sudden, and it bewildered the people who had hurried back. They could not help but question the others in the city, before they found out that their Queen had a “beautiful” young lover from outside. The young lover had arrived yesterday, and today, the Queen “could not wait” to give him his appropriate status.

Well-wishers crowded the large Heavenly Courts.

Although the Free Valley had existed for many years, because of the special characteristics of the people there, there had been no kind of joyous occasion. This was the first time, and many people felt both emotional and excited. They all anticipated the moment their Queen was “wed”.

Although night had fallen, the Heavenly Courts was ablaze with lanterns. They hung the streets with bright red silks. Although it was not luxurious, the decorations were all personally arranged by the city folks. Every item represented their sincere good wishes for Ji Fengyan and Liu Huo.

Crowds stood on both sides of the streets, all self-consciously wearing a small red flower as they awaited Ji Fengyan’s appearance. The royal wedding was to be held in the city square of the Heavenly Courts. All the giant soldier gods were arrayed along the perimeter of the city square, their large and imposing bodies especially eye-catching.

Gong Zhiyu, Chi Tong and Meng Fusheng had long since arrived at the city square. Their eyes were involuntarily drawn towards the “enchanting” figure in red.

At that moment, Linghe wished he was dead. He wanted nothing more than to hide in a corner, or anywhere that he could not be seen.

But as the chief witness of the wedding, he had no choice but to brace himself and stand at the foot of the city square’s platform. He was the “center” of everyone’s attention.

When Meng Fusheng saw Linghe’s appearance, he was dumbstruck. After he snapped out of his trance, he laughed until he collapsed on the floor. The unrestrained laughter made Linghe feel utterly wretched. As he stood there with a lackluster expression, he tried his best to ignore the amused looks directed at him.

No matter what Linghe felt in getting Ji Fengyan married, his sacrifice had been the biggest.

After a moment, the noisy main street suddenly quieted down. A handsome young man dressed in red and accompanied by Yang Jian slowly walked into everyone’s line of sight. His handsome visage surprised everyone. The already good-looking young man looked even more dashing in his red robes.

Many of those who had not met the Queen’s young lover involuntarily widened their eyes when they saw him. Although they had heard that the Queen’s young lover was incredibly handsome, many of them had thought little of it. After all, when it came to looks, there were many handsome men in the Free Valley. Be it the gentle Gong Zhiyu, the restrained Chi Tong, or even the handsome and tough Yang Jian, all of them were extremely handsome. Even Meng Fusheng had a kind of wild handsomeness.


The moment they saw Liu Huo, everyone finally realized that there could be such a handsome man on earth.

No wonder their Queen could not wait to pocket him.

Liu Huo arrived at the city square under everyone’s gaze. When he saw the lackluster Linghe, his expression flickered.

Linghe hurriedly covered his face and said, “Don’t say a word.”

Liu Huo opened his mouth, laughed wryly, then consciously shifted his gaze so that Linghe would feel a little better.