The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1063 - Who Is Unlucky (3)

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Chapter 1063: Who Is Unlucky (3)

Startled, Linghe saw Ji Fengyan standing in the room with an evil expression. She fixed her gaze on Linghe, giving him a sudden sense of foreboding. He instinctively wanted to run off.

A pity that Ji Fengyan had no intention of giving him such a chance.

“Brother Ling, I feel that we should have a good chat.” Ji Fengyan smiled sinisterly.

Linghe felt even more sheepish. He discreetly looked around the room to see a red-faced Linghe sitting obediently on a chair. He looked at Linghe apologetically.

Linghe knew then that Liu Huo had betrayed him, and he was in deep trouble.

“Mistress, listen to me. I did this for your own good… I…”

Ji Fengyan gave a brilliant grin. “Brother Ling, no need to be so nervous. Of course I understand your kind intentions. Don’t worry, I have already discussed with Liu Huo to hold our wedding tonight.”

“Ah?” Linghe was stunned. Why did the words spoken by his mistress not match her expression? Looking at her face, he had thought Ji Fengyan wanted to kill him.

“I will leave the rest to Brother Ling. Come and call for me when it’s about time.” With that, Ji Fengyan showed Linghe to the door without waiting to see if he understood.

Linghe was nonplussed, but there was one point which he was clear about.

Ji Fengyan and Liu Huo were going to get married tonight!

Without another thought for anything else, Linghe hurriedly spread the news. He was very pleased with himself. It seemed like Ji Fengyan was happy with his “proactive actions.”


Just before the grand wedding was about to begin, Linghe was no longer smiling.

He stared incredulously at the fiery-red outfit in Zuo Nuo’s hands.

Zuo Nuo was struggling to stifle his laughter and put on a serious face. “Miss… um, our queen said she needed a matchmaker for her wedding to officiate the ceremony. Among us, you are the most suitable person for the job, so our queen has instructed you to put on this outfit for the wedding.”

Linghe nearly vomited blood at that. He had thought Ji Fengyan had let him off the hook and never expected her to have this in store for him!

The clothing in Zuo Nuo’s hand was the wedding outfit created for Ji Fengyan by Gong Zhiyu and the gang. But it was subsequently rejected for being too plain. Linghe never dreamed that they would pass this outfit onto him!

“This is a woman’s clothing.” Linghe tried to resist.

Zuo Nuo looked at him in pity, with an “I know” expression.

Linghe felt like crying.

Zuo Nuo added. “Our queen said as her parents have passed on, and you are like a big brother to her. She will not get married if she doesn’t receive your blessings.”

Those words utterly wiped away all of Linghe’s ideas. With such a huge chip on his shoulder, there was no way Linghe could avoid this.

He had dug his own grave and he must now lie in it…

In the end, Linghe resolutely put on that lovely “wedding outfit”. Ji Fengyan had even wisely instructed Zuo Nuo to have a tailor expand the outfit a few inches to make it fit Linghe perfectly.

Heaven knew just how resolute Linghe was, before he took a look in the mirror.

That one look shattered his strong inner spirit.

Zuo Nuo had already crouched off to the side in laughter. He couldn’t be blamed for losing restraint. It was truly… too “beautiful” a sight!