The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1062 - Who Is Unlucky (2)

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Chapter 1062: Who Is Unlucky (2)

Linghe was still feeling smug about his ingenious little plan, not realizing that Ji Fengyan had already seen through it.

Liu Huo was being pressed down by Ji Fengyan and unable to move. With a red face, he had no choice but to let Ji Fengyan touch him all over. She threw his already messy clothing to the floor, while Ji Fengyan’s outfit remained neat and tidy, with nary a wrinkle.

This scene looked like some evil female villain forcing herself upon a frail, handsome youth.

Ji Fengyan was very satisfied with Liu Huo’s flaming face. Grinning, she patted Liu Huo’s chest. “Liu Huo, seeing how eager you are to be married to me, I will take your hand in marriage then.”

Liu Huo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Although he was “giving his hand in marriage”, an explosive joy burst from his heart. He suddenly sat up, nearly throwing Ji Fengyan off. Luckily, he had quick reflexes and immediately wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her tightly to himself.

His strong arms pressed Ji Fengyan against himself with no gaps. Ji Fengyan could feel the heat radiating from Liu Huo’s body.

Ji Fengyan instinctively wanted to slap off this naughty fellow, but looking at his half-closed eyes, she could see herself reflected in his pupils, an image that belonged solely to her deeply imprinted inside him. Those loving eyes appeared to hold some bewitching spell, making her unable to resist.

Ji Fengyan raised her hand but could only let it fall helplessly on Liu Huo’s shoulder.

“Silly brat, you lucked out, do you know that?”

Liu Huo tightened his embrace on Ji Fengyan and suddenly kissed her on the lips. It was a fleeting kiss but filled Liu Huo with bliss.

Ji Fengyan’s ears had turned red. She shifted her eyes slightly as an evil thought flashed by.

Marriage? No problem, but she had yet to settle all scores.

A sinister smile played upon Ji Fengyan’s lips. She lifted Liu Huo’s chin and raised her brow. “Have you thought it through? No regrets?”

Liu Huo nodded resolutely.

Ji Fengyan was satisfied and gave in to his embrace. However, she had already started plotting how to expose Liu Huo’s identity on their wedding day!

As Ji Fengyan was focusing on how to trick Liu Huo, rumors of the big wedding spread like fire across Heavenly Courts. Ji Fengyan had yet to make a public announcement, but within a day, the entire Heavenly Courts was already infected with a joyous atmosphere.

As the instigator, Linghe was all the more vigorous in the undertakings.

By evening time, after ensuring the decorations within the city were to his satisfaction, Linghe went to find Ji Fengyan. He sheepishly knocked on her door, but received no response. He then ran over to Liu Huo’s room and was just about to knock when the door was suddenly thrown open.