The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1061 - Who Is Unlucky (1)

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Chapter 1061: Who Is Unlucky (1)

The more Ji Fengyan thought about it, the more she felt things were not quite right. When did Liu Huo become so good at talking? How come she had no impression of this at all?

Suddenly, Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes and the rage on her face disappeared. A sly smile blossomed on her lips. She slowly walked before Liu Huo and stroked his smooth chest teasingly with her fingers.

“Liu Huo, did anyone tell you that you are really not good at pretending to be serious.”

Liu Huo was slightly taken aback. His chest burned where her fingers touched him, and he secretly clenched his fists, as if trying to suppress something. But a flush was already creeping up his neck and turning his ears bright red.

“Who taught you to say such words to distract me? Gong Zhiyu? Meng Fusheng? Or… Brother Ling?” Ji Fengyan surveyed Liu Huo’s handsome face closely with half-shut eyes.

Liu Huo’s face betrayed no expression. But as Ji Fengyan said “Brother Ling”, there was an involuntary flash in his eyes.

Ji Fengyan didn’t miss that glint in Liu Huo’s eyes. A sinister smile played on her lips as she slapped Liu Huo’s chest, leaving a red palm print.

“I had wondered when did you become so good at talking. So this is all thanks to Brother Ling’s advice. Little brat, you have become increasingly audacious.” Ji Fengyan chuckled. She grabbed Liu Huo’s shirt and pushed him violently onto the bed!

Amazement flashed across Liu Huo’s eyes and his calm face instantly turned red.

Yesterday, after witnessing Liu Huo being bullied by Ji Fengyan, Linghe had come up with a mischievous plan after touring the city. In Linghe’s opinion, Ji Fengyan and Liu Huo should have gotten married long ago. However, his mistress made no such move while Liu Huo’s character was too passive and compliant.

Hence, Linghe came up with a magnificent idea to bring Liu Huo and Ji Fengyan together.

In the end…

He was still discovered.

“No, Brother Ling, he…” Liu Huo feared that Ji Fengyan would blame Linghe and tried to explain.

However, Ji Fengyan didn’t give him any chance to explain. She directly pressed herself on top of Liu Huo’s body.

That delicate face was just inches away from Liu Huo. She scrutinized Liu Huo’s blushing face with a sly gaze. “What? Are you really so eager to give your hand in marriage to me?”

Give his hand in marriage to her?

Liu Huo gave a slight start. He felt the use of that phrase was rather strange. But before he could think clearly, Ji Fengyan had already firmly sealed his lips with a kiss.

Inside the palace halls, Linghe was leading Zuo Nuo and the gang to put up the decorations. Looking at Linghe’s gleeful expression, it was as if he was the one getting married.

Zuo Nuo looked around and asked Linghe cautiously.

“Boss, are you sure it won’t be a problem to trick mistress in this way?” Liu Huo’s appearance had brought much gossip to Heavenly Courts. And Linghe had actively spread rumors in the crowd yesterday, triggering this entire wedding campaign.

Linghe replied in all seriousness, “What problem could there be? Mistress and Mister Liu Huo have been together for so long. Can you not see her intentions? I am being helpful.”