The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1060 - A Nationwide Celebration (3)

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Chapter 1060: A Nationwide Celebration (3)

Ji Fengyan glared at Liu Huo and nearly used the silk box in her hands to hit his head.

Liu Huo got off the bed in an unhurried manner, a mild smile on his face. He walked to Ji Fengyan’s side and took out that exquisitely sewn wedding outfit from the silk box.

“I remember you mentioned before that you want to wear a red outfit for your wedding. I don’t know if this dress is what you imagined.” Liu Huo’s lowered eyes was full of warmth.

“What do you mean?” The corners of Ji Fengyan’s mouth twitched. Wedding? What the hell!

How did the whole Heavenly Courts change so drastically after only one night’s sleep?

Liu Huo looked innocently at Ji Fengyan. “I mean nothing. I just recalled your earlier words and mentioned it to Gong Zhiyu when I met him in the city yesterday.”

Liu Huo spoke so sincerely, but there was no way Ji Fengyan would believe he was so simple.

Gong Zhiyu had someone tailor a wedding outfit overnight just over a casual mention?

The entire Heavenly Courts draped in red decorations just over a casual mention?

Did he take her for a fool!

“You better explain things clearly, otherwise…” Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. With a wave of her hand, the room swung tightly shut.

Liu Huo’s smile faded as he watched Ji Fengyan’s fuming expression. “I have explained everything. What else do you want to know? I will comply.”

“This wedding outfit and the decorations in the city—what’s going on? And that big wedding—how come I don’t know anything about it.” Ji Fengyan squinted at Liu Huo. This punk was getting increasingly impertinent!

Liu Huo chuckled at Ji Fengyan’s firm stance. He spread open his hands helplessly. “Could you let me change my clothes first?”

Only then did Ji Fengyan realize Liu Huo was just wearing a thin undergarment which was pulled halfway open, revealing his fair but muscular chest.

Ji Fengyan raised her brow. “Why do you need to change? This looks fine to me.”

Liu Huo had no choice but to obey her.

“Yesterday, I followed your instructions and went on a jaunt around the city with Brother Ling. I had heard some stories about the Free Valley before but have never been. This place is completely different from those stories—there’s not that much crime, but is rather peaceful. Brother Ling said this is all thanks to you. You have changed the evil ways of the people living Free Valley and created the Kingdom of Hua Xia for them…” Liu Huo spoke unhurriedly. He paused and met Ji Fengyan’s eyes. The smile on his face widened. “Fengyan, you are truly capable. I never thought you could actually create such a kingdom.”

Liu Huo’s amiable tone drifted into Ji Fengyan’s ear. His words were not overly flowery but conveyed the highest praise.

Ji Fengyan’s spirits lifted at his compliment and raised her brows smugly. “You didn’t see just how much effort I had to put in. At the beginning, the Free Valley…”

Ji Fengyan was about to eagerly narrated her exploits, but suddenly felt something was not quite right. She immediately stopped and glared at Liu Huo. “Who wants to talk about this, don’t change the subject!”

Liu Huo shrugged innocently. “I didn’t change the subject. Everything I said is true.”

But this is not the truth she wanted! Ji Fengyan secretly gnashed her jaws. She just felt that he had become increasingly cunning.