The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1056 - The Queen’s Man (3)

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Chapter 1056: The Queen’s Man (3)

Bringing Ji Fengyan back to her own lodgings, Liu Huo stepped into her neat room to see Xiao Tuanzi rolling around Bai Ze’s back. Liu Huo’s appearance startled Xiao Tuanzi and it scurried down Bai Ze’s back. Trembling, it hugged Bai Ze’s hooves and stared at Liu Huo with teary eyes.

Liu Huo took no notice of Xiao Tuanzi’s reaction, but just gently placed Ji Fengyan on the bed. He then sat down beside the bed.

“Mister Liu Huo, I will go prepare a room for you now. You take a rest first,” Linghe said with a grin.

Liu Huo shook his head. “No need, I am not tired. You carry on with your own stuff. I want to sit here for a while.”

Linghe gave a slight roll of his eyes. He completely understood Liu Huo’s underlying meaning. But thinking of how it was always Ji Fengyan who bullied this pretty boy, Linghe didn’t give the matter another thought. After a quick glance at Ji Fengyan, he retreated from the room and politely closed the door.

Inside the room, Bai Ze was lying obediently on the floor, while a trembling Xiao Tuanzi hid behind it. Meanwhile, little bat had draped itself familiarly over Bai Ze’s antlers, and was looking curiously at Xiao Tuanzi.

Liu Huo sat quietly beside the bed as he watched Ji Fengyan’s sleeping face. He just could not get enough of looking at her.

Liu Huo’s gaze traveled from Ji Fengyan’s brow to her slightly parted lips. He also nonchalantly took in the three creatures from the corner of his eye.

Little bat plopped onto Bai Ze’s abdomen, while the deer lowered its head as it nodded off. Meanwhile, only the quivering butt of Xiao Tuanzi could be seen.

A faint smile played upon Liu Huo’s lips. He lowered his head and held Ji Fengyan’s head between his strong hands. Slowly… he leaned downwards.

Ji Fengyan didn’t realize she had fallen asleep. She had wanted to play a prank on Liu Huo but had fallen into a deep slumber while in his cozy embrace. However, a sudden warmth on her lips somehow incited a sense of outrage in her chest.

She opened her eyes abruptly to see Liu Huo’s half-closed eyes looking ardently at her.

Liu Huo never expected Ji Fengyan to suddenly wake up at this moment and instinctively wanted to end his “sneak attack.” He moved back half an inch.

Ji Fengyan immediately smacked him on the back of his head and forced him back towards her.

“If you wish to carry out a sneak attack, then do so. Can’t you focus more?”

Liu Huo was startled. He couldn’t help smiling as he allowed Ji Fengyan to take the lead.

Without any reservations, Ji Fengyan linked one arm around his neck and pulled his sleeve with the other.



Liu Huo’s neat clothing was torn by Ji Fengyan.

Both of them were shocked by this sudden turn of events.

Ji Fengyan stared at the piece of shredded cloth in her hands and then at Liu Huo’s torn clothing. She blinked.

Liu Huo chuckled helplessly. Before he could say anything, Ji Fengyan threw aside that cloth and unabashedly started tearing at Liu Huo’s clothing.