The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1055 - The Queen’s Man (2)

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Chapter 1055: The Queen’s Man (2)

Meanwhile, at Heavenly Courts, Meng Fusheng was in a fluster. He kept pacing about the city gates and gazing outwards now and then.

Gong Zhiyu and the rest had also rushed over on receiving news that someone from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was here. But Meng Fusheng had no intention of disclosing much information to them. He just continued pacing up and down.

“Who… who the hell has come? The queen has already been gone half a day. Should we send someone to check on things?” Chi Tong spoke in all seriousness.

Gong Zhiyu kept silent as he observed the nonchalant-looking Linghe.

From news passed on by that Blood Tribe member, the visitor was a youth from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon called Liu Huo. It was not an unfamiliar name to Gong Zhiyu.

“I will head off first.” Gong Zhiyu suddenly turned to leave. He still remembered the previous time he met that youth, and the guarded look in his eyes. He had always suspected that the youth was responsible for him being chased off the City Lord’s residence’s in Ji City.

To prevent himself from being “chased off” again, he wisely chose to stay out of sight for the time being.

Linghe couldn’t help smiling as he watched Gong Zhiyu depart.

Chi Tong was nonplussed. He guessed that Linghe and Gong Zhiyu knew that Liu Huo.

Just as Chi Tong was considering whether to ask about it, a streak of light was suddenly seen fast approaching Heavenly Courts.

Meng Fusheng immediately looked up, and that light gradually slowed down. A handsome youth was carrying Ji Fengyan slowly towards the gates of Heavenly Courts.

The faces of Meng Fusheng and Chi Tong instantly froze.

That youth made his way over with slow, steady steps. He carried the sleeping Ji Fengyan with a firm embrace, as the moon lit up the barren landscape behind him.

“Mister Liu Huo.” Linghe stared at the youth, suddenly realizing that he appeared to have matured quite a bit. Liu Huo looked like a youthful man in his late teens, as if he was a few years older than Ji Fengyan. Who would have thought that this youth was just a half-grown kid when Ji Fengyan first picked him up?

Linghe nodded at Linghe and looked down at the sleeping Ji Fengyan. He asked in a soft voice, “Where does she stay?”

Linghe raised his hand and led the way for Liu Huo, who just followed him with no regard for anyone else.

Meanwhile, Meng Fusheng and Chi Tong remained transfixed at the city gates, confused expressions on their faces.

“Did you already know?” Chi Tong asked Meng Fusheng. He already felt Meng Fusheng’s earlier reaction was somewhat strange.

Meng Fusheng nodded reluctantly. Ji Fengyan had whispered in his ear and told him about Liu Huo’s status, but… Meng Fusheng found the information hard to swallow.

Although Ji Fengyan was very powerful, she was still a 15-year-old girl. She just did not look like someone… who was already affianced.

Chi Tong ruminated for a long time before finally accepting that news. Ever the professional, he pretended nothing had happened and departed Heavenly Courts.

Although it was already late at night, there were still quite a number of people strolling along the streets. They all witnessed a mind-blowing image.

Their powerful queen was being carried by a handsome youth “audaciously in public”. What shocked them even more was the faint, satisfied smile on Ji Fengyan’s sleeping face.