The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1054 - The Queen’s Man (1)

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Chapter 1054: The Queen’s Man (1)

“You brat, shouldn’t you be bowing to your queen?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows.

Liu Huo chuckled but remained silent. He circled his arms around Ji Fengyan’s waist again and embraced her before she had time to react.

“Yes, my queen.”

Ji Fengyan, “Do you know I could have your head chopped off for acting so frivolously to your queen?”

Liu Huo’s smiling eyes reflected Ji Fengyan’s fake outrage. He said in a gentle voice, “I would gladly endure that punishment.”

Ji Fengyan harrumphed and chopped at Liu Huo’s neck lightly with her hand. “Chopped.”

“Um, chopped,” Liu Huo said affably. He sounded like he was coaxing a three-year-old kid.

Ji Fengyan felt like she was being conned.

“Shouldn’t you be escorting your queen back to the palace?”

Since you like hugging so much, I will crush you!

“Yes.” Liu Huo nodded in false seriousness. In one grand movement, he swept Ji Fengyan off her feet and carried her into the Free Valley.

The dumbfounded Blood Tribe member stared in puzzlement as his queen went off with that pretty boy.

He never expected his queen to be someone so “susceptible to physical beauty”!

Homme Fatale!

Liu Huo had never been to the Free Valley. But Ji Fengyan refused to give him directions to make things difficult for him. She laid lazily in his embrace and let him walked around the huge Free Valley like a headless fly.

After half a day, Ji Fengyan finally muttered. “Idiot, you have gone the wrong way. It’s not this road.”

Liu Huo’s hands were steady as a mountain. It was as if he was not carrying a person but something as light as a feather. He continued to hold an amiable expression, even though he knew of Ji Fengyan’s nefarious intentions. He allowed her to do as she pleased, and just wandered around the Free Valley with her in his arms, displaying not the slightest bit of impatience.

He walked on from evening till the late night. The sky above the Free Valley held a bright moon and countless stars, while a cool night breeze blew gently by, refreshing one’s mind.

Nestled in Liu Huo’s embrace, Ji Fengyan took out the little bat who had been hiding in Liu Huo’s chest. Having not seen Ji Fengyan for a long time, that little bat happily rubbed its tiny, furry body against her hand.

“This little fellow has grown thin under your care.” Ji Fengyan looked at the palm-sized little bat. It had not grown at all since she last saw it.

The Blood Clan’s maturity period was extremely long and far more complicated than that of a human.

“Um, I didn’t take good care of it,” Liu Huo replied with a smile. He surveyed the pitch-black valley, as if looking for a direction to progress.

“I should never have handed it over to you.” Ji Fengyan muttered in fake anger.

Liu Huo chuckled. “Are you going to chop my head off again?”

“I am not interested, my hands are tired,” Ji Fengyan replied.

Liu Huo couldn’t help smiling. It felt like he had not stopped smiling since seeing her. That sweet warmth in his heart just could not be suppressed.

After walking a long time, there was still no sight of the territory. He looked down only to discover that Ji Fengyan was already asleep. The little bat was also quietly cuddling in the nook of her neck for warmth.

The night breeze always brought along a cooling feeling.

Liu Huo gazed warmly at the sleeping Ji Fengyan. He lightened his footsteps and suddenly changed directions, heading towards Heavenly Courts.