The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1053 - Long Time No See (3)

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Chapter 1053: Long Time No See (3)

This slight movement loosened his lips.

Ji Fengyan’s nimble tongue slid in without hesitation.

Very naturally, Liu Huo circled Ji Fengyan’s waist with his arms and pulled her close to him.

The couple hugged and kissed in the dusk.

That Blood Tribe member and those fleeing bounty hunters witnessed this scene.


Everyone’s jaws had dropped to the ground. They never expected that their Hua Xia Queen and that clean-looking, handsome youth were in such a relationship.

Time passed slowly in the quietness. After some time, the embracing couple finally disengaged a little.

Having actively pushed for the kiss, Ji Fengyan was now panting. Her fair cheeks were flushed and those shining eyes stared unwavering at Liu Huo’s flawless face.

“How did you know I am here?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows.

Liu Huo’s arms were still circled around her waist. He lowered his head and rested his chin in the nook of her neck. He breathed in her familiar scent.

At this moment, he just wanted to enjoy her presence and didn’t want to think about anything else.

There was no reaction from Liu Huo, who behaved like a creature burrowed in his lair. That warm breath seeped into her neck area, tickling her.

“Idiot, I am asking you something!” Ji Fengyan pretended to push against his chest in anger.

“I missed you…”

Ji Fengyan was slightly taken aback.

Liu Huo closed his eyes as he poured himself into enjoying every second of her presence.

“I have missed you for so long. I dreamed of you every night, only to wake up to find you not around. Let me hold you long and well so that I will know this is not just another dream.” His low voice was rather hoarse, with every word pounding against Ji Fengyan’s heart. Having finally calmed herself down, Ji Fengyan’s emotions were once again set ablaze.

Ji Fengyan shifted her gaze with some awkwardness.

This fellow had become so incorrigible, daring to voice out such sentiments.


Ji Fengyan’s face was dismissive, but her body showed no resistance. She remained standing there in his embrace.

The bounty hunters’ shock had turned to embarrassment. They all left quietly.

However, that Blood Tribe man was in a dilemma. He couldn’t leave his guard post but felt incredibly awkward at the situation.

As the sun set and night fell, Liu Huo finally lifted his head from Ji Fengyan’s neck. That handsome face held a satisfied smile.

“This is great.”

Ji Fengyan turned red as she tried to suppress the sweet feeling rising in her heart. But as she thought of her earlier suspicions, she didn’t feel that sweet towards that virtuous-looking Liu Huo anymore.

Stinking punk, you have come at the right time. Just wait and see what I have in store for you!

Immersed in happiness, Liu Huo didn’t notice the sinister glint in Ji Fengyan’s eyes.

Ji Fengyan shed off her vengeful notions and slapped Liu Huo’s hands off her waist. “Idiot, I am now the Queen of Hua Xia. You can’t act as you please.”

Liu Huo smiled affably.

The Blood Tribe member was discreetly clenching down on his sleeve and muttering.

My Queen, weren’t you the one who made the first move?

[Mini theatre]

Liu Huo: =v=

Little crazy brat: =_=

Liu Huo: Slowly~

Little crazy brat:…Has this kid discovered my intentions? Is he trying to seduce me?

Mou Bei: You are thinking too much…

Little crazy brat: He’s really not?

Mou Bei: Um, go to the side and don’t obstruct me from getting votes.

Little crazy brat: You still have to cheek to say this after betraying us for votes?

Mou Bei: Do you want a one-way ticket to the little black house? I can send your Liu Huo there for free.

Little crazy brat: Father, I am in the wrong.