The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1052 - Long Time No See (2)

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Chapter 1052: Long Time No See (2)

Outside the Free Valley, the setting sun cast a faint glow cross the dense forest.

Over a dozen bounty hunters squatting outside the valley for several days were tired. Their gaze landed on the figure who had been sitting underneath the tree for half a day.

“Has that fellow fallen asleep? Why has he not moved at all?”

“Then, should we look? What if he is injured?”

Just as those bounty hunters were going to show some care and concern for that handsome young fellow, a sudden breeze blew past and they instinctively looked up towards the direction of the Free Valley.

Their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at what they saw.

In the dusky glow of the setting sun, a petite figure on a flying sword from within the Free Valley gradually came into sight.

“Qu… Queen?” Those bounty hunters were utterly distressed. They had witnessed the two battles between the Kingdoms of Hua Xia and Fu Xiang, and the second battle had reduced the number of bounty hunters hiding outside the valley from a few hundred to just a few dozen.

They remembered clearly, that very day when this white-robed female stood alone inside the Free Valley and effortlessly defeated a 200,000-strong Fu Xiang army. She had also utterly smashed those 20-plus Terminators. She was invincible and completely terrifying.

“We are doomed. Someone is going to get it now that the Queen has appeared.” Those bounty hunters were nearly crying in panic. Although the Kingdom of Hua Xia had not tried to chase them off before, they could not hold back their fear of the Hua Xia Queen. They all ran away as fast as their legs could carry them, deeply scared that they would be killed if the Queen noticed them.

The Blood Tribe members guarding the entrance to the Free Valley were also very puzzled to see Ji Fengyan appear. They were just about to welcome her when their Queen just flew past their heads in a flash.

Liu Huo, who was sitting beneath that tree, slowly lifted his head when he felt that familiar aura. A smile blossomed on his lips as that figure, whom he had pined for day and night, gradually came into sight and descended on the grass patch before him.

“You have come.” Liu Huo spoke in a mild tone, unable to conceal the happiness in his eyes.

A handsome youth looking smilingly at that petite young lady while standing under a tree in the evening light—no one was able to tear their eyes off this lovely scene.

Ji Fengyan stood beneath the tree with her eyes half-closed. She looked at Liu Huo standing before her, who looked just as handsome as she remembered.

Without preamble, she suddenly reached out and pulled Liu Huo up by the arm!

Surprise flashed across Liu Huo’s eyes, but he allowed Ji Fengyan to pull him up. Before he could say anything, his lips were instantly sealed.

Soft lips over teeth as that familiar aura enveloped him.

Liu Huo’s amazed eyes reflected Ji Fengyan’s up-close face. He could clearly see her fan-like eyelashes.

“Idiot, open your mouth.” A discontented voice murmured.

Slightly stunned, Liu Huo couldn’t help smiling.