The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1051 - Long Time No See (1)

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Chapter 1051: Long Time No See (1)

Inside Heavenly Courts, Ji Fengyan was observing the changes happening to the materialistic dragon.

The small claws which had newly emerged on the four paws of the materialistic dragon had grown somewhat bigger. Its five-clawed golden dragon aura had also become thicker.

Ji Fengyan could detect that the materialistic dragon had yet to completely absorb the full essence of that dragon soul elixir. She predicted that there would be more drastic changes after it was fully absorbed, the limits of which she couldn’t be sure of. She needed more time to observe and see if there was a need to give a second dragon soul elixir to the dragon.

She was just observing when Meng Fusheng suddenly rushed over.

“My queen! Someone is here!” Meng Fusheng blurted out in haste.

Ji Fengyan couldn’t help being amused at his panicked state. “Who is here, why are you having such a big reaction?”

“I just received news that someone from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon has arrived and is now right outside our valley.” Meng Fusheng quickly reported the news.

Ji Fengyan’s expression shifted on hearing the words ‘Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’. “Who is it?”

Meng Fusheng replied, “They said he is a teenager and looked exceptionally handsome. He’s called… Liu… oh… Liu Huo!”

“Liu Huo?!” Ji Fengyan gave a violent start on hearing that oh-so-familiar name.

Ji Fengyan’s intense reaction startled Meng Fusheng. “I knew that nothing good could have come out of that Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. I will have our men capture him.” With that, Meng Fusheng rolled up his sleeves, all ready for a fight.

Ji Fengyan immediately reached out and dragged Meng Fusheng back.

Meng Fusheng turned and looked in confusion at Ji Fengyan. He couldn’t understand her meaning.

The corners of Ji Fengyan’s mouth curved up as she grinned at Meng Fusheng. “Do you know who he is?”

Meng Fusheng shook his head.

Ji Fengyan chuckled and whispered in his ear. Meng Fusheng instantly froze as he stared dumbfounded at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan relaxed her grip and waved at Meng Fusheng casually. “I will go look.”

With that, Ji Fengyan stepped onto her flying sword and vanished without a trace.

Meanwhile, the Blood Tribe member who had come along with Meng Fusheng stared in a daze at the departing Ji Fengyan. He then looked at the stunned Meng Fusheng. “Boss, what’s the matter with the queen? Is that fellow some big shot such that the queen has to deal with him personally? Should we go along and help her?”

Meng Fusheng regained his composure and turned to glare at his man. He raised his hand and slapped his head!

“Help your own head! Don’t make trouble.”

Following that, he appeared to have thought of something and asked, “That… that youth you guys encountered earlier. Were you all polite to him?”

The man was rather grumpy after being slapped, but felt puzzled by Meng Fusheng’s cautious manner. He rubbed his head. “We were still alright? That youth was rather good-looking and amiable. That’s why we were pretty nice to him. Boss, who the hell is he? Why are you so nervous?”

Meng Fusheng was secretly relieved, but didn’t intend to reveal too much to his man. He just glared at him from the corner of his eye. “Stop asking so many questions! You will know when the time is right. Go about your duties right now!”