The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1050 - You Are Really Good-looking (3)

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Chapter 1050: You Are Really Good-looking (3)

The few bounty hunters were still hesitating whether they should pretend that they had not seen him so that such a gorgeous young man could enter the valley. They turned to look at the Blood Tribe members and as if the sweetness of the snacks were still lingering in their mouths. Instantly…

“Ahhh… I’m so tired, let me rest for a while.”

“My eyes are a little sore. That… can you help me check if there’s something in my eyes?”

“Oh! My neck has stiffened!”

As though they were possessed, all of them were either raising their heads or lowering their heads and walked away from the entrance of the Free Valley casually, leaving a pathway leading to the Free Valley.

The handsome young man glanced coldly at the strange bounty hunters but did not stay any longer and walked straight into the Free Valley.

The Blood Tribe members who were guarding outside the valley immediately walked forward. When they closed up on him, they could almost feel their pride hurt from seeing such extraordinarily beautiful looks.

It made no sense. How was it that even though they were all men, this fellow looked this handsome?

“Brother, are you entering the Free Valley?” as one guard carried their hurt pride, he pretended to stay calm and asked seriously.

The young man’s gaze scanned that guard and during that moment, the two guards could sense a familiar aura. Even though it was very faint, it was something that they could not forget. They kept their gazes and nodded silently.

“Oh, then may I trouble you to cooperate and say your name and background.” According to the rules of the Blood Tribe, they had to record the basic details of the people who wanted to seek refuge.

The young man was quiet for a while before he said slowly, “My name is Liu Huo.”

“Liu Huo?” the Blood Tribe members were surprised and could not help but mumble to themselves, “There’s actually someone with the surname ‘Liu’.”

“Where are you from?”

The young man looked up slightly and at the vast land of the Free Valley. “Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.”

The two men who previously were very relaxed had a sudden change in expressions after they heard the young man say the words ‘Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’.

Just a few days ago, Meng Fusheng had just informed them to raise their guards against anyone from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

They were originally only going through the process of asking him for his details, but after hearing that the young man was from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, they instantly became perturbed. They looked at each other, then said to Liu Huo, “About this, you may have to wait for a while. Now, the Free Valley has established itself as a kingdom, and named itself Kingdom of Hua Xia, so… if you want to enter, we need to inform the high-ranked officials.”

“Sure.” Liu Huo was surprisingly understanding.

Seeing such an understanding young man, the two of them were not going to make things difficult for him. One of them ran back into the valley to report while Liu Huo still had to wait for the orders for him to be allowed into the valley.

Before he obtained permission to enter, Liu Huo could only stay outside the valley.

The bounty hunters who had previously left also gathered once again to secretly admire the handsome young man under the tree. Unknowingly, even though he seemed much younger than them, he had a unique distant feeling that made people not dare to get close.

Liu Huo sat under the tree alone and looked at the unfamiliar valley before him. In his deep cold gaze, there was a deep longing hidden.

As if he could see that person underneath all the layers of wall. That soul that he was dreaming of and missing all life.