The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1049 - You Are Really Good-looking (2)

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Chapter 1049: You Are Really Good-looking (2)

Other than some reputable bounty hunters, ordinary bounty hunters were not financially strong. The monetary reward that they obtained from completing their task was mostly used for supporting their families and they would only leave minimal amount for them to survive with. The dry rations they bought were usually the cheapest. They were dry, tasteless and had a texture just like mud.

After eating them for ten days or even longer, one’s mouth would become bland.

The Blood Tribe members pretended to yawn and turned around to sleep under the tree.

It was as though their “sleep” had unlocked the seal that had restricted the bounty hunters. At the moment, the bounty hunters immediately distributed and finished the bag of snacks.

The sweet and tasty snacks had a crispy yet soft texture. The taste that had melted in their mouths had almost made the group of young bounty hunters cry from joy.

“It’s so nice…”

“I have never eaten such nice food in my entire life.”

“Leave one for me!”

“Let go! I saw this piece first!”

They had almost fought over a few pieces of snacks.

Even though they had never eaten expensive food, they could still taste the sweetness and exquisiteness of the snacks. These snacks were definitely sold expensively in the market.


These were minor things that everyone in the Free Valley could enjoy.

In fact, in the Kingdom of Hua Xia, all the food was specially made. Other than using superior grade ingredients, Ji Fengyan would order some people to add some herbs into them, so that everyone in Hua Xia could nourish their bodies from consuming the food. Only the royal families could enjoy this amount of medicinal cuisine, but in Free Valley, everyone could enjoy it and it had already become a habit to them.

The bounty hunters were still full of exclaims over the delicacies when suddenly, a long slender figure approached slowly from a distance and gradually came close to the entrance of the Free Valley behind them.

“Eh, someone’s here!” one bounty hunter, who had not finished expressing himself, licked off the food residue on the corner of his lips as he pointed at the figure that was walking closer to them and shouted.

This sentence instantly awakened all the bounty hunters.

Under the warm glow of the morning, a tall and slender figure slowly came to their eyes. That was a young man who looked only 10 years old, but that face was so remarkably gorgeous that no one had ever seen before. He was exceedingly handsome and had an aura ordinary people could not describe. When the light ray landed on him from the back, it was as though the path he had taken had a layer of glow over it, as though he was an immortal being.

“He really looks handsome…” one of the young bounty hunters narrowed his eyes with an amazed gaze. He had not known that there would be such a stunning young man in the world.

“I don’t remember… I have never seen such a handsome person in the wanted post.”

“Maybe he has changed his looks?”

Seeing the path that the young man had taken, it was obvious that he was walking towards the Free Valley. He was wearing bright clothes. Even though they were not luxurious, they were still clean and did not seem like he was seeking refuge. Since he was not seeking refuge, only a wanted man would walk towards the Free Valley.

The group of bounty hunters were confused and tried to look for the corresponding wanted person in their memory.

Those two Blood Tribe members pretending to sleep also stood up and looked curiously at the young man who was walking over slowly.

Oh my!

He was really handsome!

That young man slowly walked out of the Free Valley. Ten over bounty hunters were already in line and they all looked at the young man.