The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1048 - You Are Really Good-looking (1)

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Chapter 1048: You Are Really Good-looking (1)

Outside the Free Valley, there were two members of the Blood Tribe guarding at the entrance. After the battle against the Kingdom of Fu Xiang, the bounty hunters outside of the Free Valley had significantly reduced in numbers. Even though there were still some daring bounty hunters lurking around, they were most aware of the situation and at most only interjected people who had wanted to seek an asylum at the Free Valley, whereas they would give up on anyone else who had stepped foot into the Free Valley.

With such a strange practice going on, it formed an interesting sight.

The two Blood Tribe members were eating their snacks in the valley, but their gazes were still scanning the surroundings sharply.

And the ten over worn out bounty hunters were squatting outside the Free Valley with disheveled faces. They looked mournful as the two Blood Tribe members ate heartily in front of their eyes just a few steps away.

“I have to say that… you guys are really persistent. You have been camping here for days yet you have only captured some people, so what’s the point, really.” The Blood Tribe member finished his snacks, feeling content, and licked his fingers clean. After giving a burp, they looked at those bounty hunters.

Those bounty hunters were also not very old and seemed at most 25-year-old. The armour on their bodies were also badly worn out, causing them to look like they had been having a hard time surviving.

In this world, there were bounty hunters everywhere. They had certain capabilities even though they were not very powerful. They were unwilling to be restricted by the royal authorities, but because they had to earn a living, they could only become bounty hunters.

Besides receiving reward from capturing wanted criminals, they would also accept tasks with high pay, such as capturing ferocious wild beasts, or to collect rare herbs from dangerous places.

It could even be said that a bounty hunter was a highly dangerous job and their fatality rate was extremely high, second to only the soldiers at the frontline.

Those bounty hunters had only joined this occupation recently. Without any reputation, they were not offered any tasks and so they had intended on waiting outside the Free Valley to capture a few criminals, so that they could earn a living and to boost their reputation.


Life had been hard on them. The group of bounty hunters could only stare at the names of the two Blood Tribe members on the bounty list as the two of them looked upon themselves with pity. It was hard to describe how miserable they felt about themselves.

“I don’t want to talk to you guys.” One of the young bounty hunters touched his rumbling stomach as a miserable expression formed on his face.

Those two Blood Tribe members looked at the group of pitiful bounty hunters who seemed laughable. They had always met one another from guarding the place regularly and over time; they had strangely become familiar.

“Forget it, I am full so I will leave the rest to you guys.” As he said that, the Blood Tribe member threw the cloth bag containing snacks to the bounty hunters.

The young men were not thick-skinned and were embarrassed to reach out for it. Only one of them was smart enough to pick it up and immediately opened it.

The bag was full of delicately made snacks. Just by opening the bag, they could already smell an intoxicating sweet scent.

The sweet scent wafted out and immediately made the bounty hunters salivate. It was the best scent that they had ever smelled.


They were bounty hunters, yet they had to eat the food left behind by their wanted criminals—this was indeed a mental challenge to them.

Sadly, there was not even a village near the Free Valley and the only food the bounty hunters had were dried goods that they had bought at a cheap price.