The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1046 - The Hidden Danger In The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon (2)

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Chapter 1046: The Hidden Danger In The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon (2)

Gong Zhiyu, “…”

He suddenly felt that the warrant issued by the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon for Ji Fengyan was actually… rather reasonable.

Ji Fengyan’s every action was a slap in the face to the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

Helpless, Gong Zhiyu took a deep breath before speaking up again. “I understand. I guess we should start making preparations.”

Gong Zhiyu had only half-believed that warrant, but after Ji Fengyan’s clarifications, he was sure that the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon would immediately send troops to the Free Valley on receiving news of her.

“The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon is not Fu Xiang. I need Chi Tong as he is more experienced at with such battles.”

With that, Gong Zhiyu immediately gathered Ji Fengyan, Chi Tong, Meng Fusheng and gang to discuss strategies.

After they passed the warrant around the group, everyone looked… extremely conflicted.

“Queen… my queen… did you really do all these?” Meng Fusheng clutched his chest as he looked at Ji Fengyan. Quite a number of warrants had reached the Free Valley, but they never received Ji Fengyan’s. As a result, everyone thought she must be hiding from someone who was seeking revenge. Never did they expect…

She was also a wanted fugitive of the law. Moreover, the bounty offered on that warrant was astounding.

Ji Fengyan repeated the story she had told Gong Zhiyu, clarifying the things she did not do.

However, the offenses she had committed were the most critical. Chi Tong was shocked speechless and silently stared at Ji Fengyan for half a day.

“If what you said is all true, I think that Gong Zhiyu is right to worry. We must be prepared for an attack by the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.” Chi Tong sighed.

The Kingdom of Hua Xia did not fear Fu Xiang at all, but the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was an entirely different matter.

It must be pointed out that just one-tenth of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s military force was enough to crush Fu Xiang. These two nations were poles apart. Knowing of Ji Fengyan’s capabilities, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon would have made thorough preparations before they declared war against the Free Valley. It would be a bitter battle.

“Let’s not even talk about the rest—those 13 elite practitioners in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon would definitely be fighting and each of them possesses exceptionally high skills. They are even more powerful than Terminators. It would not be easy to handle them.” Chi Tong was referring to the Elders. He felt immensely stressed then.

Ji Fengyan looked at Chi Tong’s worried expression and cleared her throat. “If you are referring to the Elders, you need not worry about them.”

Chi Tong and Gong Zhiyu stared at Ji Fengyan doubtfully. They thought Ji Fengyan intended to shoulder the entire burden of the Elders and immediately said, “The Elders of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon are famous throughout the nations. If you are going against them, you need to…”

“I have fought them before.” Ji Fengyan fluttered her eyelashes innocently.


“And they were thoroughly defeated. I think… they are the ones who would be stressed if they were to go against me again,” Ji Fengyan said in mock seriousness.

“…” Gong Zhiyu and Chi Tong were speechless at that. They never dreamed that Ji Fengyan had already completely beaten the Elders of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

“Um… if that’s the case, I think we can put aside the Elders for the time being.” Chi Tong cleared his throat and put on a calm front.