The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1045 - 5: The Hidden Danger In The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon (1)

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Chapter 1045: The Hidden Danger In The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon (1)

Everything in Heavenly Courts went on as per normal. As Ji Fengyan had undertaken the earlier battle with the Kingdom of Fu Xiang on her own, the others had no chance to make their move. The citizens of Hua Xia grumbled. Which other nation would send their own ruler right at the start of the battle, while the citizens stood by idly?

An embarrassment!

This was a total embarrassment to them!

To not remain a bunch of baby chicks who needed protecting by their queen, a cultivation craze swept across the Kingdom of Hua Xia. Apart from mealtimes, everyone spent every second in intense cultivation. The batch of elixir cultivators trained by Ji Fengyan were also working hard. Even the craftsmen specializing in forging the scaled armour had started researching how to make the armour lighter, tougher, cooler…

Yan Luo Dian was now a close ally of the Kingdom of Hua Xia, and both had merged as one. Since they destroyed the structures of Yan Luo Dian, Chi Tong had brought along his men to stay in Heavenly Courts. The devil-masked men had been practicing immortal cultivation together with the Hua Xia citizens and going on a spending spree in the city…

Ji Fengyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at Yan Luo Dian’s insistence on being separate in name, but having already merged with them in reality. But she was nevertheless happy with this outcome.

When Ji Fengyan brought the materialistic dragon back, Gong Zhiyu came looking for her with a strange expression on his face. “Something has happened.”

Ji Fengyan was slightly taken aback.

“What happened?”

Gong Zhiyu immediately handed a piece of paper over to Ji Fengyan. “This information was recently sourced by the Thorn Birds in the Kingdom of Fu Xiang. Quickly take a look.”

Ji Fengyan scanned through the paper and was shocked by what she saw.

According to the Thorn Birds, the Kingdom of Fu Xiang had uncovered Ji Fengyan’s identity because of a warrant issued by the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Meanwhile, Fu Xiang had secretly sent a team disguised as traders bound for the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

“The Fu Xiang Emperor intends to send news of your location in the Free Valley to the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Once the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon confirms your location, he will come after you.” Gong Zhiyu’s face was grave. He was shocked when Ji Fengyan had first appeared at the Free Valley. He knew that she was a Terminator of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, so why would she suddenly appear in the valley?

Gong Zhiyu had always been very curious about this point, but didn’t question Ji Fengyan out of respect.

The Thorn Birds didn’t just report on Fu Xiang’s movements, but also contained a copy of the warrant for Ji Fengyan. Apart from the high bounty reward, the warrant also listed all of Ji Fengyan’s actions in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, including murdering the princess, causing chaos in the capital city, as well as over a dozen other evil deeds.

This was the first time Ji Fengyan had seen her own warrant. The drawing of her on the notice was rather accurate, but the list of alleged offenses made her smile.

“Robbery? Arson? Abuse of power? Vengeful actions? Could the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon exaggerate more?” Ji Fengyan gave an ironic smile as she shook her head.

“So these are all fake?” Gong Zhiyu also felt that Ji Fengyan couldn’t have committed so many evil deeds.

Ji Fengyan shrugged. “About half of them are true. I killed the princess and created chaos in the city. I also killed Ji Qiu of the Ji family.”