The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1043 - Evolve, Materialistic Dragon (2)

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Chapter 1043: Evolve, Materialistic Dragon (2)

The materialistic dragon did not know how long it had been sleeping for and its body only felt as though it was submerged in swamps. Its wings and limbs felt heavy, but the discomfort that it felt gradually disappeared with time. Its body felt at ease and the pleasure it felt was indescribable.

It opened its eyes as a breeze blew past. The light rays from the early morning shone quietly on the Forest of Freedom, and one of them landed on the corner of its mouth. It moved its body and wanted to crawl up from the ground. However, it suddenly felt a warm sensation from its stomach and instinctively turned around to only see… Ji Fengyan and three other young dragons were sleeping soundly on its soft stomach.

The materialistic dragon was slightly stunned and immediately gave up on its intention to get up. It used its strong and thick dragon tail to curl Ji Fengyan and the young dragons closer to itself. The dragon was very gentle when it did so. It even expanded its wide wings above their heads to shield them from the sunlight.

Ah… it was a peaceful and enjoyable day.

The materialistic dragon had never thought that it would ever be this relaxed, as though it had completely changed into another body. It instinctively lifted its front claws and scratched its face, but when it saw the fleshy claws…


An ear-piercing shriek snapped the peace in the Forest of Freedom.

That loud shout awakened Ji Fengyan and opened her eyes to see that the materialistic dragon was staring at its claws and giving a heart-wrenching shout.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Fengyan quickly got up fearfully and asked.

The materialistic dragon stared at Ji Fengyan, then at its claws. Its widely open mouth still continued to scream in anguish.

Ji Fengyan followed the materialistic dragon’s gaze and looked at its front claws. What she saw made her stunned as well.

The ancient dragon’s four claws originally had four fingers, but now… on the front two claws, there were suddenly five fingers.

This strange transformation was the reason for the materialistic dragon’s agitation.

Ji Fengyan was also beyond shock. Seeing the newly grown little fingers that were obviously shorter and smaller than the other four fingers, Ji Fengyan could make a conjecture.

The Dragon Soul Pill was a holy pill specially offered to the five-clawed golden dragon and the unique feature of the five-clawed golden dragon was that besides a body of golden scales, it also had five fingers.

Could it be…

The Dragon Soul Pill had caused the evolution of the materialistic dragon?

And it was evolving to become a five-clawed golden dragon?

Ji Fengyan could not help but become stunned. She had never experienced this sort of situation.

Seeing that the materialistic dragon was still wailing in despair, Ji Fengyan could feel her head splitting. She immediately raised her hands to stop the materialistic dragon from producing more noise.

“Calm down!”

“Ahhhhhhh! My claws!”

“Shut up!”

The materialistic dragon finally shut up and looked mournfully at its unsightly claws, then at Ji Fengyan with a teary face.

It was no longer the domineering ancient dragon. It had already become crippled. With this small little finger, it would definitely become the laughingstock among all the dragon clans.

It did not feel like living anymore.

Ji Fengyan ignored the materialistic dragon’s mournful gaze and immediately reached out her hand to use her vital energy to investigate the change in the dragon’s body.

The curse in the dragon’s body was 70 to 80 percent removed and its dragon might had become more powerful.