The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1038 - A Storm Is Imminent (3)

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Chapter 1038: A Storm Is Imminent (3)

At first, the dragon fledglings were a little frightened and involuntarily glanced at the Rhinoceros Beast. The Rhinoceros Beast gave them an encouraging look. Only then did they obediently lie on the ground and allow Ji Fengyan to reach out and touch their heads.

A warm current spread from Ji Fengyan’s hand to the bodies of the dragon fledglings. They relaxed and enjoyed this moment of happiness.

Ji Fengyan checked the condition of the three dragon fledglings.

As she expected, the curse in the three dragon fledglings was even stronger than that in the materialistic dragon. It was the existence of the curse that caused their body size to be far smaller than it ought to be.

Ji Fengyan immediately told the Rhinoceros Beast of her discovery.

When the Rhinoceros Beast had first seen the dragon fledglings, it had already noticed something strange. With Ji Fengyan’s confirmation, it was even more certain.

[They are suffering under a very destructive curse. That powerful race did not let them off.] The Rhinoceros Beast’s voice was filled with helplessness. It was wary when it mentioned “that race”.

“What kind of race is it?” Ji Fengyan was curious about this mysterious race that had harmed the ancient dragons.

However, the Rhinoceros Beast did not give her a straight answer this time. It stood up from the grass and walked over to the Moonlight Lake. It looked at the glittering surface of the lake, thinking about something.

[My friend, I know they fill you with pity, these poor little fellows. But believe me, you cannot interfere with this affair. Their enemy is too powerful. Only the gods can deal with their existence. For your own safety, please forgive me for not telling you everything about this race.] The Rhinoceros Beast turned its head and looked at Ji Fengyan sincerely.

The Rhinoceros Beast’s words took Ji Fengyan by surprise.

It was clear that the Rhinoceros Beast knew something. For even the Rhinoceros Beast to fear it, this race was undoubtedly powerful.

The Rhinoceros Beast was the purest creature in the world. It certainly knew that Ji Fengyan was unable to oppose this great power, so it refused to speak.

Ji Fengyan snapped out of her shock. Although she had self-confidence, she was not arrogant and she accepted the Rhinoceros Beast’s warning.

“I am not thinking of interfering. I am only sorry to see the line of ancient dragons being treated like that. I don’t care about the other ancient dragons, but these four are my friends. I am reluctant to allow them to suffer like that.” Ji Fengyan felt conflicted. She could now sense the curse on the ancient dragon and could not wash her hands of the matter. The curse would slowly sap the materialistic dragon’s strength and life. Although it was not apparent from day to day, the curse would sap its life fatally.

The Rhinoceros Beast sank into deep thought. [This curse is too powerful. I don’t know of anyway to undo it. Only the gods can do this.]

Even the Rhinoceros Beast was helpless to undo the curse?

Ji Fengyan could not help but grow even more curious about this mysterious race.

The materialistic dragon did not know what Ji Fengyan and the Rhinoceros Beast were talking about. It only turned to stare at the crystals below the lake and continue drooling.

When Ji Fengyan saw the materialistic dragon’s unthinking appearance, she could not help but feel anguished.


An idea arose in her heart.

The Rhinoceros Beast was unable to undo the ancient dragon’s curse, but that did not mean that she could not!

The power she possessed did not belong to this world. Perhaps… she could find the crux to undoing the curse!

With that, she immediately searched her mind for every detail that her Master and Grandmaster had told her about curses.