The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1035 - I Am Willful (3)

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Chapter 1035: I Am Willful (3)

Mai Ya didn’t understand what was going on. She just felt things were somewhat strange. Although the Kingdom of Hua Xia did not suffer any casualties from the two battles, this was all caused by her. How could she not be affected?

Guilt and unease shrouded Mai Ya’s heart. Although she was aware of everything, she dared not speak a single word of it to Ji Fengyan and the rest. She just suppressed her emotions firmly inside her own heart.

Those 25 Terminators laid on the ground for a day and night. Fortunately, their thick armour protected them from the swarm of mosquitoes in the forest, otherwise they would have been sucked dry. Finally recovering enough strength, they hastily fled.

Meanwhile, Ji Fengyan didn’t remain idle after defeating the Kingdom of Fu Xiang. She had already arranged for her Thorn Birds to secretly monitor Fu Xiang’s movements, to prevent any unexpected incidents.

Although she would not actively provoke matters, she was also not afraid to face things head on. If the Kingdom of Fu Xiang was determined to attack again, she would not hesitate to teach them a lesson they would never forget.

Three chances were the most Ji Fengyan was willing to give.

The materialistic dragon had thought Ji Fengyan was going to war with others and was eagerly waiting for the chance to join the battle, so that it could extort more treasures from Ji Fengyan.

After knowing Ji Fengyan, the materialistic dragon realized how important it was to have a “rich patron”. Although it had to exert some “efforts” now and then, the rewards were worth it. No one in the entire Kingdom of Hua Xia looked forward to a battle as much as that materialistic dragon.


One could dream as much as one wanted, but reality remained stark. Ji Fengyan had no intention of letting it join the battle. The materialistic dragon couldn’t help grumbling and laid sulking on the ground all day, acting pitiful and refusing to move.

The defeated Fu Xiang army arrived back at their kingdom several days later. Shi Dakai and those 25 Terminators also braced themselves on their return to report the results of the battle to their Emperor.

And this report had the Fu Xiang Emperor struggling to control his inner rage and shock. He stood up from his throne with a shout.

“What did you say?” The Fu Xiang Emperor glared incredulously at the group before him. His eyes were full of shock and disbelief.

Shi Dakai was drenched in cold sweat. He had suffered two consequent defeats and felt as if he had been slapped twice across the face. Although he was not the commander during the second defeat, the reality remained unchanged.

“The Hua Xia queen had personally come forth this time and summoned lightning with goodness knows what type of sorcery. Our… our army was defenseless against those lightning strikes.” Shi Dakai forged on with his explanation. He discreetly glanced at the kneeling Terminators, who all behaved like a bunch of passive doves. Where had all their former arrogance gone?

The Fu Xiang Emperor’s face was like thunder. Standing beside him was Ruan Quer, who looked equally grave.

“That Kingdom of Hua Xia was just established, how could it become so powerful? Who the hell is their queen?’ Ruan Quer asked.

At the mention of “queen”, the faces of those Terminators turned stiff and they trembled like defeated cockerels. Shi Dakai had to answer, “The Hua Xia queen was previously from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.”

Ruan Quer gave a slight start. Compared to the powerful Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, their Kingdom of Fu Xiang was just an insignificant ant. “The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon is located so far from the Free Valley. How could they have sent someone all the way to the valley?”