The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1022 - The Power Of The Queen (1)

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Chapter 1022: The Power Of The Queen (1)

The people in the Kingdom of Fu Xiang completely disdained the young girl before them. They felt that the Kingdom of Hua Xia must be joking with them.

Chi Tong, Gong Zhiyu, Linghe and Meng Fusheng hid in an obscure place to observe the battlefield. When they saw the Kingdom of Fu Xiang’s contemptuous attitude, all four of them secretly shook their heads.

“They’re asking for death.” Meng Fusheng gulped.

“I think they’re pitiful.” Linghe said seriously.

Chi Tong and Gong Zhiyu nodded in absolute agreement.

At the entrance of the Free Valley, Ji Fengyan smilingly looked at the group of contemptuous Terminators from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang. She could see that a powerful aura shrouded these Terminators. This aura originated from the Terminator seals that they wore at their throats and surrounded their entire body.

Ji Fengyan’s inner core had been shattered previously, and that had weakened her, so that she could not see their aura. But now, she could easily see that under the aura, a turbid, dark purple fog surrounded each Terminator.

That was the aura created by mating demons with humans. Ji Fengyan’s shell also had it, but her vital energy had already cleansed the dark purple fog.

“Too weak.” Ji Fengyan shook her head calmly. She could not consider the aura of these twenty over Terminators outstanding. They were not even comparable to the young Qin Muyao.

When the jeering Terminators suddenly heard Ji Fengyan’s mutter, their expressions immediately became hostile.

“Little girl, best not to talk nonsense. If you don’t want to die, you had better summon your Hua Xia troops. Otherwise, we will not hold back.” One terminator spoke coldly.

Ji Fengyan smiled. Her hand was suddenly holding a shining and translucent sword. The sword tip was pointed at the army from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang.

“If you want to enter the Free Valley, get past me first.”

“What arrogance!” A Terminator laughed coldly and glanced at his assistant.

The assistant immediately spurred his horse. He charged straight at Ji Fengyan with a long spear in his hand.

Ji Fengyan sat steadily on Bai Ze’s back. She smilingly looked at the rider charging towards her and a disinterested smile crossed her lips. She flicked her wrist and calmly drew an arc of chilly light with the evil-vanquishing sword in her hand.

The sword’s aura glittered like a rainbow!

The chilly light swept towards the charging rider, like an arrow leaving the bow!

The rider, who was spurring his horse, did not realize what Ji Fengyan had done. He only saw an arc of cold light sweep before his eyes.

The sound of horse hooves were still reverberating in everyone’s ears, but the head of the rider had already been chopped off. The headless rider swayed on the horse and in a moment, fell to the ground. Blood sprayed out like a fountain. The head that had just been cut off rolled to the feet of the Terminator who had spoken so arrogantly.

The Terminator stared at the head that rolled to his feet. His eyes almost fell out of his head.

What was going on?

The other Terminators were also rather shocked. Based on their eyesight, they could not see how Ji Fengyan had cut off the assistant’s head.

She had not even moved!

The masterless horse stopped in its tracks and stood between the two armies.

Ji Fengyan raised her chin slightly and looked at the army from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang, which was dead silent. She crooked her finger provocatively at the Terminator, whose expression was frozen.

“Don’t send these useless troops here to embarrass themselves. If you want to enter the valley, try it yourself.”