The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1020 - The Flames Of War (2)

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Chapter 1020: The Flames Of War (2)

Even if his death was arguable, no one would believe that the famous Chi Tong could live inside the Free Valley. There was also no way anyone would believe that he would obey a power within that valley.

In this world, only the Emperor of the powerful Sai Er could command Chi Tong. Who else held that same standing?

Shi Dakai had never been on appropriate terms with those Terminators as they were always competing for recognition. Their sarcasm at his defeat caused his face to darken.

Nevertheless, he had indeed been defeated and was in no position to argue with the Terminators. He could only suppress his anger.

“I am afraid General Shi is feeling his age. Regarding this Free Valley battle, just let us take over from here.” The Terminators were all unbelievably arrogant and totally disregarded Shi Dakai.

Shi Dakai hid a smirk as he glanced at the smug faces of the Terminators. He handed over his command and the Terminators immediately set forth for the camp to reorganize the troops.

The deputy general could help feeling concerned as he looked at the depressed-looking Shi Dakai.

“General, there was no need to pay heed to their words. Why did you hand over the military command?”

Shi Dakai gave a bitter laugh. “Even if I held onto the command, they would not listen to my orders on the battlefield. Since they want to take over the battle, I will allow them the opportunity. I want to see if they truly can handle the Kingdom of Hua Xia!”

The deputy general gave a start as he suddenly understood Shi Dakai’s intentions.

Based on the Kingdom of Hua Xia’s previous show of power, just adding 100,000 men was not a guarantee of success. Those Terminators were so arrogant that they needed to suffer a major setback before realizing their foolishness.

On the second day after Shi Dakai handed over his command, the 25 Terminators immediately divided up the 200,000-strong army. They were itching to collect the military accolades from this victory. After some last preparations, they set off for the Free Valley, ready to take down the Kingdom of Hua Xia in the shortest time possible.

At the same time, Ji Fengyan had also received news of the Fu Xiang army’s latest movements from her Thorn Birds. She passed on the information to Chi Tong and the gang, for them to do as they saw fit.

“It seems like Gong Zhiyu’s forecasts were accurate. The Kingdom of Fu Xiang had sent over 25 Terminators and doubled the troop size.” Chi Tong displayed not the slightest bit of anxiety regarding the news.

“Shi Dakai has ceded over his military command. Has he truly conceded?” Meng Fusheng was rather astounded.

Gong Zhiyu shook his head. “Shi Dakai is very smart. He already realized that those Terminators would never follow his arrangements. Hence, he handed over the military command, so that they would not hold him responsible for another defeat.”

It was obvious that Shi Dakai had his reservations against engaging the Kingdom of Hua Xia again. That was why he was willing to step back for the time being.

Everyone understood now.

Ji Fengyan stood up and stretched.

“It’s been a long time since I fought with a Terminator. Now is an excellent time to practice again.” Ji Fengyan smiled brilliantly. She had fully restored her inner core inside the Forest of Freedom and was back at her peak condition. Ji Fengyan was also very curious how she would match up against the Terminators, who were considered the elite forces of this world.

Chi Tong and the gang couldn’t help feeling rather worried for those Fu Xiang men. With Ji Fengyan joining in the battle, their last vestiges of pride and arrogance would certainly be shattered?