The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1016 - Seeking Asylum (2)

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Chapter 1016: Seeking Asylum (2)

The corners of Ji Fengyan’s lips twitched as she glanced at the smug face of that ancient dragon. This fellow was still so roguish and possessed none of the dominance and dignity of an ancient dragon?

“Come on, you must have used that jewel you gave me to find me?”

The ancient dragon’s gaze wavered and betrayed a slight sheepishness. Nevertheless, it maintained its arrogant demeanor. “Humph, are you belittling my powers?”

Ji Fengyan felt rather resigned towards the appearance of the ancient dragon. She was very shocked, but also pleasantly surprised. Although this dragon was materialistic, it was also rather gullible. After hanging out with it for so long, it had also saved her life several times. At the end of the day, Ji Fengyan had somwhat missed that dragon. If she had not been worried about it being discovered by the Emperor and hence being in mortal danger, she would not have chased off this old friend.

“Tell me, why have you sought me out?”

Ji Fengyan’s familiar banter with that ancient dragon had everyone in Heavenly Courts stunned beyond belief.

What was going on?

Their great queen was actually on such close terms with an ancient dragon?!

Who would have imagined a legendary ancient dragon chatting so amicably with their queen? And that smug expression had totally overturned the crowd’s prior impressions of the ancient dragons.

That ancient dragon completely disregarded the opinions of the bystanders. It shifted its eyes hesitantly and paused before speaking up. “I just felt that you had suddenly fled that kingdom to such a remote place and was concerned for you.”

“Haha…” Ji Fengyan did not believe the ancient dragon’s words. She looked at that bunch of ancient dragons who came with her dragon. They looked to be in terrible condition. Not only were they much smaller than her ancient dragon, their dragon scales were also worn and had lost their original luster.

“What the hell is going on? If you refuse to be honest with me, then I have to ask you to leave.” Ji Fengyan put on a fierce front.

The Heavenly Courts people were all thunderstruck by their queen threatening that ancient dragon!

Their queen was so outstanding!

The materialistic dragon panicked at Ji Fengyan’s “merciless” words.

“Damn girl you, are you forgetting I am your benefactor! How many times have I helped you? How could you be so heartless? The rumors are all true. You humans are disgusting.”

“…” Ji Fengyan ignored this materialistic dragon’s whining.

The materialistic dragon had no choice but to speak up honestly. “Um… I have come into some trouble. Since you have already left that place, I thought of coming to see if you can help me.”

“What help do you need?” Ji Fengyan became more cooperative.

The materialistic dragon appeared somewhat uncomfortable. It turned around to look at its companions, who seemed to struggle to keep in flight. It finally set its jaw and asked, “I need a safe place for my companions to stay.”

Astonishment flashed across Ji Fengyan’s eyes. She never expected that the materialistic dragon would be asking her to provide a place for the other ancient dragons to stay.

“What the hell happened?” Ji Fengyan could feel that things were not as simple as it appeared.