The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1014 - The Strong And the Weak (2)

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Chapter 1014: The Strong And the Weak (2)

In reality, it was not just the Kingdom of Fu Xiang. There were many small countries that had a certain number of Terminators, but could not repair the World-Termination-Armour of their Terminators. Amidst the many nations, only the powerful countries had a Ming Workshop. If a small country wanted to repair its World-Termination-Armour, it needed to seek the help of a larger country and pay an enormous sum. Some of them asked the Divine Temple for help.

All the Ming Workshops in the world originated from the Divine Temple. Every five years, the Divine Temple would send men to these small countries and repair all the World-Termination-Armour. However, if the World-Termination-Armour needed repair in the intervening period, the small country would have no choice but to grit its teeth and beg for help from the stronger countries.

This was the second time that Ji Fengyan heard news of the Divine Temple. She vaguely felt that the Divine Temple, the Terminators, and the Grand Tutors in each country, were all somehow related.

“If I guess correctly, the Kingdom of Fu Xiang can mobilize a maximum of twenty to thirty Terminators. If they mobilize more, they cannot adequately defend their borders.” Gong Zhiyu summed it up.

“Twenty to thirty Terminators… that’s quite a large number.” Meng Fusheng rested his forehead on his hand. The almost supernatural existence of these Terminators deeply scarred him. In the past, it was the Terminators who had led troops to surround their Blood Tribe, and forced them to hide in the Free Valley. Until today, the power of the Terminators still shook him.

When countries fought, they not only pitted the number of soldiers they had but also the number of Terminators they had.

On the battlefield, the fighting ability of a Terminator was equivalent to a thousand soldiers. Their destructive powers were even more frightening.

Chi Tong nodded slightly.

“If events unfold as Gong Zhiyu predicts, we need to be very careful in our next battle. Ordinary sorcerers and archers cannot damage a Terminator sufficiently. Further, their speed and attack capabilities are a hundredfold greater than a normal person.”

If they were simply attacked by troops, Chi Tong was confident that a few thousand soldiers could hold the ten thousand strong army of his opponent.

However, once the Terminators entered the battle, everything would change massively.

Ji Fengyan’s eyes darted about and she laughed and said, “You need not worry about them. If the Kingdom of Fu Xiang really sends Terminators, I will deal with them.”

“Queen, I know that you are very powerful. However, you might be overwhelmed by sheer numbers. After this defeat, Shi Dakai will be especially careful. He will tell the Terminators everything.” Chi Tong spoke carefully.

They did not just want to obtain victory, but to obtain victory with the fewest casualties.

The newly established Kingdom of Hua Xia could not bear the loss of any member.

“Don’t worry, I have a plan.” Ji Fengyan spoke smilingly.

Chi Tong was just analyzing the moves that the Kingdom of Fu Xiang might make next, when a member of the Blood Tribe suddenly burst into the great hall in a panic.

“Queen! Bad news!!” The man was ashen, as if he had seen a ghost. He knelt before Ji Fengyan with a plop.

Everyone in the magnificent hall was taken aback. Their first reaction was that the Kingdom of Fu Xiang had made some move.

“What’s the matter? Speak up. Has something happened over at the Kingdom of Fu Xiang?!” Meng Fusheng asked gravely.

But the man from the Blood Tribe kept shaking his head. He panted as he replied, “No, it’s not the Kingdom of Fu Xiang… but outside… from the outside…”