The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1013 - The Strong And the Weak (1)

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Chapter 1013: The Strong And the Weak (1)

Ji Fengyan was the only Terminator ever to live in the Free Valley. Because the Terminators were so valuable, almost none of the countries would exile their Terminators. Even if a non-cooperative Terminator appeared, they would at most be killed, and their World-Termination-Armour retrieved to conclude the matter. A Terminator would never be allowed to leave the country.

The people present were all intelligent. Even though they knew about Ji Fengyan’s status as a Terminator, not one of them pursued the matter. To them, it was not important who Ji Fengyan was in the past. They only knew that Ji Fengyan was now the Queen of Hua Xia.

“Roughly how many Terminators does the Kingdom of Fu Xiang have?” Ji Fengyan asked.

Everyone shook their heads. The Terminators were the lifeblood of the various countries. Except for the Emperors and Grand Tutors of each country, no one knew their actual numbers.

However, Gong Zhiyu still provided an estimate based on the Kingdom of Fu Xiang’s strength.

“The land area of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang is small. Because their terrain is favorable, they are seldom attacked by the Demon Clan. I previously visited many countries and realized something interesting.” Gong Zhiyu said.

“Oh? Let’s hear it.” Ji Fengyan looked curiously at Gong Zhiyu. Among them, Gong Zhiyu could be said to be the most knowledgeable of the various men. As Gong Qiang had allowed him to travel to many places in the past, he had gathered much news.

“The number of Terminators in each country is basically tied to their strength. Further, even if every country meets with demon attacks, we will find the largest number of Terminators wherever the demon clans are the most active. For example, take the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, which is an enormous country. The number of Terminators is basically maintained between five and seven hundred. However, the Kingdom of Fu Xiang is a small country and is seldom attacked in force by the demons. They will have only seventy-five to one hundred and fifty Terminators.” Gong Zhiyu provided a conservative estimate.

It involved a lot of expense, training a Terminator. Most small countries just could not afford them.

To say nothing of other matters, just the cities that had to be distributed to each Terminator incurred a huge expense. After all, after the cities were distributed to the Terminator, the large proportion of the taxes gathered from these cities would go to the Terminator’s pockets, and the amount given to the country would be greatly diminished.

It was difficult for small countries to sustain too many Terminators. Otherwise, just training the Terminators would drain all their resources. Further, if they did not provide sufficiently favorable conditions, they could not guarantee that the Terminators in their country would not join other stronger countries.

Although every country governed its Terminators strictly, there was always some possibility of Terminators changing masters. If they moved to a stronger country, their own country would have no choice but to swallow the insult, because they were too weak. It would have to silently watch the Terminator that it had trained with such difficulty to help another country.


Usually, the Terminators in each country would control their own numbers based on the country’s strength.

“If the Kingdom of Fu Xiang wants to continue the attack, they will not send all their Terminators. If they leave their borders undefended and are attacked by demons, it will be a catastrophe. Further… based on my understanding, the Kingdom of Fu Xiang has no Grand Tutor.” Gong Zhiyu raised the crucial point.

“No Grand Tutor?” Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows slightly.

Gong Zhiyu nodded. “The Kingdom of Fu Xiang does not have many Terminators, so the title of Grand Tutor does not exist. Even if they want to repair their World-Termination-Armour, I think they have to borrow the Ming Workshop of their stronger neighbors.”