The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1012 - The Strong And the Weak (1)

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Chapter 1012: The Strong And the Weak (1)

Chi Tong smiled quietly.

Ji Fengyan, who was by the side, rested her chin on her hand and smiled cunningly.

“I feel as if I’ve picked up a treasure.” She said to Linghe, who was nearby.

Before the battle began, Linghe heard that Chi Tong had requested to attack in this battle. He had wanted to see this young prodigy general in his glory, but instead… Chi Tong had only made all the preparations before the battle, then washed his hands of it.

At first, Linghe had been somewhat worried. But from the looks of it…

He only wanted to fall down and hug Chi Tong’s legs.

Only Chi Tong was worthy to be called a master of military tactics. Chi Tong had expected Shi Dakai’s every move and had blocked the Kingdom of Fu Xiang at every turn. He even pitied Shi Dakai a little.

“Shi Dakai is also a valiant general. Just that with Chi Tong as his opponent… he doesn’t stand a chance.” Linghe could not help but be a little emotional.

Under Ji Fengyan and Linghe’s concerted praise, Chi Tong felt somewhat embarrassed. He cleared his throat to hide his shyness, then said seriously, “The Kingdom of Fu Xiang will not retreat easily. They have underestimated the enemy this time, but they will not give up on continuing the war. I believe Shi Dakai will return quickly to his country and call for reinforcements. The next time they come, there will be Terminators among the troops from Fu Xiang.”

Not only had Shi Dakai underestimated his enemy, the Kingdom of Fu Xiang had also looked down on the Kingdom of Hua Xia. So this was not a decisive battle.

“Terminators…” When Ji Fengyan heard the term she had not encountered for a long time, she narrowed her eyes slightly.

The fighting abilities of the Terminators were very strong. They could use their powerful World-Termination-Armour to turn the tide. Strategies that could be used against ordinary troops were not effective against the Terminators.

Chi Tong himself was not a Terminator, but he had achieved his fame as a god of war based on his intelligence and daring. After he had become famous, he had often encountered resentment from the Terminators of the Kingdom of Sa Er. However, Chi Tong had always defused the situation. Chi Tong was aware of the Terminators’ fighting abilities.

“Once the Terminators from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang enter the battle, then our strategy needs to change. The Thorn Birds are already secretly following the troops from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang and will tell us about the situation over there. When the next battle begins, we must not become careless.” Chi Tong spoke sternly. “A pity that we have no Terminators in the Free Valley. Otherwise, we could deal with them much more easily.”

When Chi Tong had commanded all the armies of the Kingdom of Sa Er, even the Terminators had taken second place to him.

Although there were many talented people in the Free Valley, Terminators had never lived here. After all, no country ever mistreated their own Terminators.

Chi Tong’s words caused Gong Zhiyu, who was standing by the side to raise his brows slightly. His gaze involuntarily turned towards Ji Fengyan, who was pretending to be indolent.

Ji Fengyan sensed Gong Zhiyu’s gaze, and could not help but laugh softly.

“Terminator… I guess I’m one.” As she spoke, Ji Fengyan revealed the seal of the World-Termination-Armour that she had kept hidden beneath her robes.

When the people in the magnificent hall saw the magnificent seal, they were all shocked!

Chi Tong’s expression was filled with surprise. He had not expected Ji Fengyan to be a Terminator.

“However, I have never used the World-Termination-Armour in a battle. I don’t think its very powerful.” Ji Fengyan shrugged.

When they heard this, Chi Tong and the others did not know whether to laugh or to cry. She was probably the only person in the world who spoke of Terminators so dismissively. However, considering Ji Fengyan’s power, the World-Termination-Armour was truly a matter of indifference to her.