The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1011 - Master Of Military Tactics (3)

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Chapter 1011: Master Of Military Tactics (3)

Unfortunately, the members of that assassination squad were an elite force who had been carefully cultivated by Ji Fengyan using enormous amounts of god-level elixirs. Evading those arrows was child’s play to them.

During that period, the Fu Xiang archers failed to hit even a single member of the assassination squad. Instead, they even struck quite a few of their own priests in their frazzled state.

Shi Dakai nearly fainted on witnessing this scene.

Bombarded at the front by Hua Xia’s long-range professions, while ambushed by their assassination squad from the back. Shi Dakai never dreamed that his 150,000-powerful army would suffer this level of calamity. If they continued on in this manner, they would probably be wholly eliminated before they even set foot into the Free Valley.

Even more frustrating was the fact that apart from Meng Fusheng, he had not seen a single high-ranking Hua Xia personnel.

Demoralizing, this was too demoralizing!

With no combat skills, the priests were as vulnerable as lambs waiting for slaughter. They could barely escape, not to mention putting up any form of struggle.

Within a brief period, thousands of priests had fallen to the ground, while only one assassin suffered an arrow to his arm.

Shi Dakai was in a right panic as he watched his own army suffer heavy losses, even as their opponent breezed by. Who knew how many more tricks they had up their sleeves? He could hardly believe that the Kingdom of Hua Xia, whom he was so scornful of, possessed such mind-numbing combat power!

This god-like military tactics had Shi Dakai’s face in the dust.

“Swordsmen head to the back! Everyone retreat!” Shi Dakai gritted his teeth and passed down the order to withdraw the entire army. The swordsmen surged towards the priests’ faction, but the assassination squad had totally vanished on their arrival.

Shi Dakai was truly frightened. He had never experienced being so completely dominated by his opponent. The arrogance he had cultivated over so many years was utterly destroyed by this one battle. He had no choice but to temporarily withdraw to avoid suffering more casualties.

With just over 90,000 men remaining, the Fu Xiang army bolted from the outskirts of the Free Valley with their tails between their legs.

Meanwhile, Meng Fusheng was still standing at the entrance of the Free Valley, waving at the fleeing Fu Xiang army with a sinister expression.

The Kingdom of Fu Xiang had been defeated and had retreated from the front lines of the Free Valley. The bunch of bounty hunters hiding in the corners witnessed the entire scene. They had wanted to take advantage of Fu Xiang’s attack to capture a few high-value criminals. However, what they saw today scared the daylights out of them.

A 150,000-powerful army failed to hurt even a single Hua Xia person, instead they lost over 50,000 of their own men.

Such a battle score was enough to cause anyone’s head to go numb.

Those bounty hunters gave up their plans and drew back deeper into their hiding spots. From that moment on, they abandoned all ideas of striking rich through the Free Valley.

Who would dare to provoke such a powerful enemy?

As the Fu Xiang army retreated, Duanmu Hongru instantly halted their own actions and reorganized his troops. Smiling, he led his men back to Heavenly Courts, to deliver news of their victory to Ji Fengyan.

Duanmu Hongru looked smugly at Chi Tong, who was seated inside the main hall.

“City Lord, we have not let you down this time, right?”

The whole time, Chi Tong had not appeared at the battlefield at all. He had remained in Heavenly Courts all this while, but had already made all the arrangements long before.

[Mini theatre]

Duanmu Hongru: Our Boss Chi battled you from afar, are you moved?

Shi Dakai: I don’t dare to move, I don’t dare to move.

Mou Bei: I have a bold idea.

Little crazy brat: What?

Mou Bei: I want little Chi Tong to get married.

Little crazy brat: …

Little Chi Tong: QAQ.

Mou Bei: Get married for the sake of votes!

Little crazy brat: Have mercy on my general!

Little Chi Tong: TAT…