The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1010 - Master Of Military Tactics (2)

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Chapter 1010: Master Of Military Tactics (2)

“Retreat! Retreat now!” Shi Dakai knew that he was already being forced to a corner by his opponent. To avoid suffering even bigger losses, he had no choice but to give the order to withdraw.

Those pitiful horsemen had already all been blown up to shreds before they could return to the main formation.

The rear portion of the troops hurriedly retreated. The sorcerers and archers left the danger zone, but the swordsmen and light-armoured riders at the front were blindsided.

As the long-range professions retreated, the Hua Xia men immediately pressed forward and targeted the swordsmen and light-armoured riders instead. An endless volley of sorcery strikes landed on them, causing countless death and injuries.

By the time the Fu Xiang troops finally escaped beyond their opponent’s attacking range, the 150,000-powerful army had been reduced by a third, with only 100,000 survivors remaining.

It drenched Shi Dakai in cold sweat. He had yet to really engage his opponent and he had already lost 50,000 men. How to fight such a battle?

The devil-masked men immediately stopped their attack on seeing the Fu Xiang army withdraw.

“Boss Duanmu, those silly Fu Xiang fools have retreated.”

Duanmu Hongru raised his brows. “Call back our sorcerers and archers. Leave the rest to the queen’s team.”


Shi Dakai had yet to regain his composure. The priests, who had themselves just fled the danger zone, were hastily chanting blessings to heal the injured soldiers.

However, just as the priests were starting their chants, black figures suddenly scurried out from the dense forest behind.

The priests were the most vulnerable of all the professions. They were usually situated right at the back of an army formation and far away from the battlefield. They never expected that before they could even catch their breaths, a group of black figures suddenly emerged from behind them.

Still focused on their chanting, those vulnerable priests had their throats cut by dagger-wielding assassins.

After her first batch of 1,500 Thorn Birds, Ji Fengyan had trained another team.

This group comprised only 500 members, but all of them were extremely proficient in the art of silent assassination.

Ji Fengyan got this idea from her earlier battle with that Elder from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, who was a highly skilled assassin.

These 500 men were excellent at remaining invisible and were all swordsmen. Ji Fengyan had also cultivated a large batch of elixirs to augment their invisibility skills by over three times. That assassination squad created a bloodbath from that bunch of helpless priests!

Shi Dakai were still on tenterhooks when he suddenly heard the commotion coming from the back. Only then did he discover that team of a few hundred men had already been hiding in the dense forest behind them all this while, and they had completely failed to detect them.

The assassination squad targeted the priests with the aim to kill with just one strike. The moment they encountered resistance, they would vanish and seek their next prey.

“Let the sorcerers and archers attack them!” Shi Dakai’s eyes were red with agitation. He had never been beaten to such a humiliating shape before.

On seeing Shi Dakai’s angered state, the deputy general hurriedly said, “Those people are hiding among the priests. We cannot let our sorcerers attack or we will hurt our own people!”

Only then did Shi Dakai realize that the target area of a sorcerer’s attack was not exact. If an assassin was too close to a priest, a strike would annihilate both the assassin and their own priest. He hastily changed his orders and had his archers attack with precision instead.