The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1009 - Master Of Military Tactics (1)

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Chapter 1009: Master Of Military Tactics (1)

At this moment, Shi Dakai finally realized that Hua Xia had ambushed Fu Xiang’s horsemen to force the hand of Fu Xiang’s long-range professions. Using the volley of strikes launched to cover Fu Xiang’s horsemen, Hua Xia had already carefully calculated the distance of Fu Xiang’s long-range of attack!

Such meticulous planning and rapid implementation. All these had the battle-hardened Shi Dakai completely thunderstruck.

What kind of prodigy was advising the Kingdom of Hua Xia, to take control of the battle so quickly!

One name suddenly materialized in Shi Dakai’s mind.

“Chi Tong! It’s Chi Tong!” Shi Dakai widened his eyes in disbelief. The arrogance in his eyes instantly dissipated.

Across the world, if there was anyone who could subdue such a formidable general as Shi Dakai—it could only be the god of war himself, the young prodigy general—Chi Tong.

“Chi Tong? But isn’t he already dead?” The deputy general stared in wonder at Shi Dakai.

Shi Dakai’s face turned extremely grave. “There have been rumors of Chi Tong’s death previously. But a few years ago, when Gong Qiang and the Imperial Consort were in trading negotiations, it was mentioned that a formidable person had arrived in the Free Valley. Rumors hinted that he was a general. In addition, according to Gong Qiang’s estimated time period, it happened about the same time as Chi Tong’s death?”

Shi Dakai’s heart sank. Although the Kingdom of Sa Er had confirmed the death of Chi Tong, many people held major doubts over that fact.

After all, who would believe that Chi Tong had died at a place like the Kingdom of Xi.

A string of clues surfaced in Shi Dakai. Using soldiers and geography to start off a battle with an advantage—this had Chi Tong’s style written all over it. No other general in the entire world had been able to copy Chi Tong’s battle tactics.

After guessing the identity of Hua Xia’s military commander, Shi Dakai’s heart sank right to the bottom.

In this world, which general had dared to say he could go against Chi Tong?

At that instant, Shi Dakai felt like his head would explode.

“General, could we be wrong?” The deputy general’s face was pale. Although their opponent’s military tactics were very similar to Chi Tong’s, they still could not believe that a person who had been pronounced dead for the past few years could suddenly materialize in a place such as the Free Valley.

Shi Dakai gritted his teeth. Although he could not be sure, he still needed to resolve the problem at hand.

The military formation of the Fu Xiang troops was the most basic attack configuration. Apart from the horsemen, there were a team of light-armoured riders, followed by the swordsmen, and finally the long-range professions. With their massive size, they were unable to swiftly shorten the distance between themselves and their opponents. By the time they managed to move forward a few meters, the Hua Xia sorcerers had already retreated the same distance.

To move their densely packed formation back and forth a few meters was not feasible.

This difference in response time had dragged the Fu Xiang side into a bitter battle. Even worse was the fact that the Hua Xia sorcerers were attacking as if they had an inexhaustible supply of sorcery energy. Powerful blows rained down at the Fu Xiang troops; Enough to flatten everything!